My Huffy MB's new friend

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    So it's technically not a MB but still hits the 50cc mark. I was planning to build a second MB so we'd have a pair to ride when I stumbled across this. It's a Honda CT70 clone with a 50cc Lifan, 4 speed clutchless. It's a hoot to ride, will do 30-35 easily and can get up around 40 on flat ground according to the speedo. It does have some bumps and bruises and still needs a little tuning, but the aftermarket is pretty big for the CT70 class motos, replicas included. If I manage to get it titled and registerd as a motorcycle it will likely jump up significantly in displacement.

    As much as I love my MB I think this will be my new around-town bike. The addition of signals, full lights, and dual hub brakes make this a much more road-friendly bike at road speeds.

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    thatz really clean i like it
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    Oh yes. Am sure you will be happy with it. How much are you asking for your motorbike.
    You meet the nicest people on a honda. Am sure your aware honda spelled backwards is adnoh. Have fun.