My mini chopper build

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    Hey y'all sidousdog/Donovan here again finally eh lol I got me a brand new 50cc gy6 motor fer my minichopper I'm building from scratch ,I got a killer deal on on the motor I couldn't pass up ($100 brand new)its going on/in a shwinn H-D chopper , so far I put on ape hangers on it . I still got to do some major fabrication n lots n lots of work too do too Icarus(chopper). So this is my first build n my back yard knowledge of what n where n why is some what still in the schooling stage . So ima gonna be askin lots n lots of ?'s n advice on this build, so please bear with my ?'s
    Fer the mouth n mindseye don't get fed if closed , feel me , so bear with me. Money is a |>€^>%}{# factor!!!!
    Something I don't have alot of n I want Icarus too be fast n handle well with whatever resource n advice I can get from the familyhood (you) of the wind , well I got to run in see what n where (prospects)my higher self brings too,
    Then ima gonna gett down n dirty w/Icarus when I get back home. So , Blessings y'all ttys /,,/
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    Post some pics. If you don't have anything assembled, you can post pics of your motor and other parts.
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    the 100cc bigbore and crank kit. or just the 70cc bigbore kit.

    change out the variator/speed reduction and clutch springs.

    get a decent tuned pipe. not the $1200 one on ebay from america, but the exact same one from the original manufacturer for $120, also on ebay :)

    totally bad choice of engine for just about anything but sticking back in the original scooter frame ;) heavy, has that gearbox thing attached...did you get a short or long arm?

    $100 bucks aint bad but ive been GIVEN two in just the past month, one thrashed, one almost brand new in a quad bike... yes, a complete quad bike, only been buzzed around an hour max by some 6 year olds.

    good luck. youll need it! this is the wrong forum entirely except for the frame your contemplating... a bruchcutter type engine is far superior...

    only thing you get with the gy6 is easy parts, reliability as its meant to be a road going scooter... 100,000km sort of thing...