My Panama Jack project from A to Z

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    Ok so as of this moment I now have my bike!

    I plan on trying to do as much documentation as I can as I move forward in this project. I have little knowledge as motor bikes are considered but I feel I have a great feel for mechanical matters.

    I first step in to this arena when I was a kid I loved my bicycles. I had rigged them with trailers to boom boxes of the eighties. One of my greatest feats was a bike run for a boys orfanage when I was in my teens. I road 60 miles by myself. During that adventure I remember my parents driving along with me and at one point I remember riding a feeder road near Huntsville texas. As I road down a hill I shifted my gears and peddled as fast as I could. I remember hearing a car honking and as I looked over toward the interstate that fan along side me, it was my parents. I was keeping up with them and I looked down at my digital speedometer. It said 54 mph hour!!!! I had been fine til this point. I was about 40 miles into the ride when I was brought back to earth soon over 50 mph on a bicycle! My front wheel started to shake cause my mind made it so. I road it up the next few hills to a road side picnic area where my parents pulled off the interstate. We talked about the moment and I jumped on my bike and finished the ride. It was amazing experience!

    So this project was inspired by my past and by my kids and wife who have gotten into bike riding. BUT I will start with this bike and make it go I childhood dream "with a couple horses of course"

    So step one buy a bike! See next message!


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    I didn't look to far as I loved the look alone of Huffy's "Panama Jack bike"

    #1 If you knew me you would know why( I wear lots of haiwaiian shirts ).
    #2 it looks kinda vintage to me
    #3 price. I had a schwinn that cost about $300 in the 80s and around 2000 had a harp mountain bike that was expensive can't remember exact cost.

    So here's the scoop on my new bike!

    Ordered Sunday 4-17-11 from
    I went to 4 stores in Houston and one even stated that they had one online at store in stock with no luck so I ordered it.
    Huffy 26" Men's Panama Jack Cruiser Bicycle, Matte Black
    Estimated arrival Wednesday, 04/20/11, and Monday, 04/25/11.
    Subtotal: $139.00
    Shipping: $2.97
    Total: $152.26

    Fed ex delivered
    Arrived 4/20/11

    Look at be no damage . I'll take some pick as I unwrap box and put it together.

    So next step deboxing and building of bike
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    Yup, the Panama Jack is a bike that looks just right for this job, isn't it?

    Are you familiar with the engine choices available to you?

    If you read the threads in this forum, you'll learn a lot.

    Have fun and good luck.