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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by customcruiser, Jun 27, 2009.

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    well today i gave my bike a proper test nd nothing went wrong except for the pullcord snapping lucky earlier today i met a guy on a scooter and he clocked me on a 50cc yamaha scooter on a flat i was 65kph on a slight up hill about 60 as he was heaps far behind meand plus his speedo cuts out at 60 so went for a ride from the city to glenelg on half a tank and made it filled up at glenelg then my pullcord broke so he towed me to alberton behind his scooter with a rope and micheal fixed it for me great guy great guy then he had to leave he had to get ready for goin out tonite and i got home ten mins ago so takes me about 20 minutes to ride about 15k at top speed my bike takes off about as quick as his scooter and still has higher top speed im very happy with it.

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    I have never attempted to find the top speed of my motorbike. I'm afraid I'll bust a rear wheel or motor mount. (my rear is a stock mtb wheel and the sprocket is mounted with the rubber donuts).
    You're motorbike is a lot lighter than a conventional 50cc scooter so it should be a pretty even contest.
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    had alot of fun toay weith victor we rode from his place to glenelg along the hardpack sand on the beach as fast as we could i had a go of his z-box 50 and im seriously considering buying one now after the top speed and accelaration it has ill buy a kit after i get this motorised skateboard my front sprocket snapped off today so we tied a rope from his bike to myne and i rode his bike towing him on my bike back to his house has alot of torque tht zbox engine
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    topped mine off at close to 45mph with no wind, no hill.