Need advise on a purchase of a fully assembled motored bicycle

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  1. scdave

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    Thanks in advance for any help you may have...I have searched the web a little..Mostly I am finding kits...

    The "only" purpose for the bike is to take on rafting and flyfishing trips...We need a "return to truck" vehicle that we can drop off at our "take out" point...The lighter the bike the better although I am not interested in some "exotic" alloy bike...It must be durable since sometimes it is going to be on very rough mountain dirt roads...Heavy duty rims and tires I believe are a must...shocks would also be nice...Torque is also important since I am 190 lbs and sometimes we need to climb out of canyons...25 miles per hour is fine on the flat surface...

    Can anyone help with a recomendation..?? I am a little lost here...

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    I dont know about a ready made bike you can buy w/all those requirements. Most ready made bikes I have seen are cruisers.

    your best bet I think would be a good (from reputable manufacturer) full suspension mountain bike with a rack mount 2 stroke. There are two companies that I can think of for kits that would work for what you need... GEBE and staton.

    The GEBE kit is simpler and belt driven while the staton is driven by a very stout gearbox.

    I will elaborate more if you want... but thought this could be a start.
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    Thanks so much vtec...The more information I can get the better to come up with the most effective bike...I expect water and mud to be flying at times given the areas we will be in and the afternoon thunder storms...Do you think the belt would be better or the gearbox in that type of environment..??
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    Hello and welcome to MBc.

    From your post in another thread:

    If wet and mud are a regular feature then definitely NOT friction drive. They are not that great off-road even in dry conditions as they perform best on dry, paved surfaces with a smooth tread rear tire. For the purposes you mention stick with belt or chain drive.
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    Thank you Happy Valley...So which do you think would be more vulnerable to water & mud...The chain drive or the belt..??...I am guessing the chain but that is why I am here..To find out what the experienced people think...
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    Search Golden Eagle or GEBE and Staton gear/chain drive. Either one will suffice unless you are really going bogging, then I'd definitely suggest a chain drive.
    Check this thread for a real all weather/terrain bike (though pricey) and post to it to bump it up if you have questions, SirJake is usually very accommodating with help.
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    As much as I don't like saying this,have you thought of a used trail bike ?
    The old honda 50,55, and 90's worked well.
    Reason is durability. The last thing one wants to be doing is some maintance while watching the sun set.
    Think a 24" or 26" bike. A strong frame. A 50t sprocket, heavy duty chain, and a good 4 stroke epa 50cc. Heavy duty rims, kelvar tires, durm and hand front brakes. Coaster and hand brake for the rear. Of course a good tool kit, may do what you want.
    We used home made motorbikes for hunting and fishing, but when the invasion of little hondas came it made our rides out of date for the job. Very seldom a brake down and a whole lot of comfort.
    This is a great hobby,our bikes are as good as we make them.
    Are you going to do your own maintenance or take it to a shop ?
    Sometimes hiking out of the wood can get bad, worse pushing a motored bike.
    Good luck.
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    Thanks Happy Valley....I will post to Sir Jakes link...That looks like exactly what I would want...

    Biken...Trail bikes are two heavy & to rigid...You will beat yourself to death going down some of the roads we are on...Thanks for the detail for the bike assembly...You all are providing exactly what I need...Experienced information...
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    Happy Valley....How can I find a member MBc that may live near me...I am in Northern California....95051...Thanks
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    I used to canoe with a guide who had a folding bike he used as his return to car vehicle. He pedaled, no motor. Even a small folding bike is going to be heavy and take up considerable room in an already tight space. However, the one thing I know about fishing trips is that, for ALWAYS rains the days I go out. So I would recommend a folding bike with a Staton gear box. You would still be about 65lbs. Is the weight or size a factor? Also, even an experienced canoeist has times when he and his gear end up in the water or extremely wet. Any concerns about that? What kind of boat are you using? Sounds like fun no matter how you do it. Good luck.
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    what ever you do dont but a chinese frame mount.sorry people thats just my opinion.
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    Thanks a bundle Mike...We have pontoon boats...Not concerned much with the rain...We have good rain gear...I am trying to build consensus and it keeps coming back (so far) to the Stanton...I was thinking about purchasing a new bike but now I am thinking I am going to modify my existing Kline...Its old but very light a durable...Right now I am thinking the Mitsubishi with the Stanton gear box along with some other recomendations for tires (Kevlar) etc...Thanks for your input and help...Wonderful site..