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Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by masterx1234, Apr 29, 2010.

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    hey guys im deciding on whether to buy a friction drive kit from bikemotorparts or livefastmotors, i talked to the owner of livefastmotors and hes gonna sell me a kit (without motor) for 130.00 that includes throttle and kill switch, my question is there kits really good quality? which kit should i buy?

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    Buy BMP!

    I can vouch for BMP; I've bought two kits and several spare parts from them.

    This vendor packs his stuff better than ANYONE who's shipped to me in my whole life!

    Parts are good, except for that 1.5" rubber roller which my GP460 engine whittled down in less than a week.:whistling:

    Everything else is first-rate.:detective:

    Free shipping too!
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    I'm also a repeat customer of BMP. Does anyone on the planet package like, or better than them ???
  4. Porkchop

    Porkchop Member the 1.5" roller inferior or just to much power from the 460 ?
    Just curious !
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    MasterX, if you decide to go with the kit from BMP, a word of advice. Get both the 1” and 1.25” roller. My combined body weight and bicycle is in the 275 pound range. The 1” roller pulls great. Pretty much no peddling at all, even from stand still going up moderate hills. 1.25" is alllllmost as good, but the difference is the free wheel built in the 1.25” roller. It lets go pretty much instantly when you let off the throttle, where as the smaller roller takes several seconds to let go. If you try both you’ll see exactly what I mean in no time. I’m not saying either one is bad. It’s personal preference. I’m currently running the 1” roller and thinking seriously about reverting back the 1.25”. I just like the smoothness of it. As I said, personal preference. And by the way, when I say the 1.25" roller is almost as good, I'm refering to bottom end torque.
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    thanks guys, i just ordered the kit from BMP with the 1.25 inch drive roller and i weigh about 234 pounds (im twenty years old), and i only have two big hills from here to town, i plan on riding it to work everyday, and i live about ten miles from town, and im also the only one in the entire county with a motorized bicycle, there are about 6 people who just cycle through town, im gonna meet up witht them and try to get them to buy one of these kits
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    My town isn't extremely small. I've heard of 2 or 3 others that have motored bikes, but I have yet to see any ! Prepare to get stopped and asked many questions ! Not by cops, just curious people ! Good luck, be safe and have fun !
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    It was VERY soft rubber compound. Coulda been the 460's power too. With a Staton roller, that motor would literally a chunk of rubber outa the tire...every inch or so around the entire tread.:ack2:
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