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    Rode a Zbox bike! Want one, suggestions on Zbox.

    Well guys i havent been on for a bit but im back. I was at Cash Converters today which is a 2nd hand dealer place, they buy and sell everything. They had a MB there with a Zbox kit on it, a guy standing next to me was looking at it and he said to the lady, "can i take it for a test run?". She said "ahh yeh but i dunno how to work it". I said "i do" so i bought it out side, never had a kit bike b4 but i new where the clutch was. He tried riding it but he couldnt get it going. I said ill give ya a demo and i firstly tuned the fuel on haha, turned the chock off, held in the clutch, rode, let go of the clutch and i was away. I did a few laps up and down the car park and now i want a z box. My engine doesnt have a clutch and the other engine i was thinking of putting on has a centrifugal clutch. I like these little kit engines, there pretty quiet and i thought they were legal till i checked on Zbox. Turns out they aren't so im still going to get in trouble if i get caught with one. They look neat and are pretty hidden as u can put ur legs over it.

    I was reading what is the legal thing in my state and it said i can ride it with the engine as long as its off. Well the kill switch is on the throttle so i was thinking if i do see a cop i could flick it off and hold in the clutch. It also said on the Zbox site no engine can be 200watts or under unless is about 9cc. So theres no way i can ride one legally. If i do buy a Zbox i will sell my other friction bike for around $250 and then that will cover the costs of the new engine. I really do want it to be legal but it turns out theres no way it can be unless they bring it back to the old law of 50cc and under. It all changed because of these stupid pocket bikes so they changed the law so there illegal. Thats also the reason why they wont change it back or there will be kids riding pocket bikes everywhere again.

    Well my dad reckons i should buy a Zbox as its safer than my one because it has a clutch. What do u reckon i should do guys?

    Buy a Zbox or is there anything else i can get that is legal somehow?
    I could make up a plate saying 199watts and stick it on the engine and say the people said it was legal.

    Anyway im not sure if i should get one or not, the clutch does seem cool, its more hidden and quieter. Seems good to me, ive been past cops b4 on my MB and they were going the other way, I was on the path and they were busy writing something. Its just if they come up behind me they might pull me over.
    Ill just stick to the paths and go slow, ill only burn it when going to the new development area near my house and my street as its real quiet and theres no cops ever.

    Are these Zbox engines reliable? Do they break or are they good quality? I no how to fix and rebuild engines as i have rebuilt 2 and 4 stroke engines b4.

    Thanks guys!

    From Brendon.v
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    well my dads all for it as the price cash converters were selling the bike for was $800. He said $265 AUD shipped for the engine is cheap as chips as i already got a brand new bike for 10 bucks to put it on. He said whack it on a bike and sell it again, im like nah i just wanna ride it. Well its lookin good, i might order it tomorrow as long as no one says "no dont there ****!" Im so excited to get one, use to friction bikes, i can ride in the wet and sand now!!!!! Ill go offroading XD!!

    Does everyone agree its a good engine? heres the website: http://www.zbox.com.au/index.htm

    Im guessing this is standard anyway but u can click a button in to hold the clutch on. That means i can ride it normally, yay. Sorry for my excitment im use to friction bikes with no clutch.
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    Can't say too much about quality other than my Zbox is going fine (about 6 months old) and with no problems at all.

    Warren at Zbox is really helpful and great to deal with. No complaints at all.

    Just put on a SickBikeParts shifter kit and I am very happy with the set up now.

    Legality is an issue so don;t ride like a tool and draw attention to yourself. Always wear a helmet etc

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    awesome, i shall be ordering it in about 2 hours. This is what im going to order:
    1 Z50 motor and 1 fuel filter. Once i get it i might change a few nuts and bolts to locking nuts and high tensile bolts. Also i have got info to hooking up the kill switch correctly as the standard one kills the magneto after a while. Then ive been told to get a new spark plug as the standard one is ****. Thats about it guys, i will have pics of it hopefully in a couple of weeks.
  5. Aussie_Glenn

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    I replaced all nuts/bolts with quality high tensile bolts and loctite EVERYTHING
    Plenty of guide here with the tips/tricks for HT happiness
    I followed the recommendations and haven't had an issue. Learn from those who have gone before you.

    And have fun! When I ride I feel like I'm your age again (and trust me, I aint)

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    Um does the bike come with all mounting bits as it says ur frame needs to be 2.5cm in diameter and mine is: Bottom bar: 4.5cm Seat post bar:3.5cm. Does it come with the large frame adaptor or do i have to buy that as well?
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    Not sure bout that 1 mate. i got a 48cc zbox engine and its great. but my bike has a 2.5cm frame but i have seen people get around this with the large frame adaptor.
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    I got one just last week.
    I had bought one of those Kmart $99.00 specials, but it had the bigger frame diameter for the front bar, and the top bar was too low. I ended up buying another bike from the dump shop for $25.00. MUCH easier to fit - it went straight in without any problems. With the other frame I would have had to make up mounting brackets and modify stuff etc etc.

    btw crime converters can suck sour grapes - they were selling bikes for MORE than retail for second hand ****! [same with the ipod prices too]
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    i no there a rip off. My dad use to no the guy who owned one until he sold it but we got everything like half price. Wen i saw the bike was 800 bucks i couldnt believe it, i bet some1 will still buy it.
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    just ordered my zbox with an inline fuel filter, i didnt get a U clamp adaptor as it looks pretty weak and for 14 bucks i can make a stronger and better mount myself. The kit comes with a Large frame adaptor so i will use that on my bottom bar. I re-measured my bar diameters and its actually Bottom bar: 5cm Seat post bar:3cm. I should get my engine Friday or Monday depending if he sends it tomorrow or wednesday. That gives me time to unbuckle the back wheel and prepare the bike for the engine.
  11. brisbane_boy

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    yer make sure ur wheel is trued before u put the engine on and dont hit anything to hard. my back wheel is so bak at the moment im lookin at just gettting a whole new wheel.
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    my dads been riding motorbikes all his live and said he will do it, he said its easy to do so ill leave it up to him haha.