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    First and foremost I'd like to say hi to the community and thanks in advance for taking the time to answer my noob questions.

    I'm new to the whole motorized bike thing in fact a buddy of mine got interested in it. I guess I'll start by saying that I'll be mainly using my bike to go cross country from Louisiana to Washington state. I've been looking at 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines but I still don't know what would help me achieve such a long journey. I have a budget of $140-175. I'd like to stay below 65mph so that I don't have to buy that special license. Is there state laws that'll condem me from riding on the highway? I'm not sure what type of wheels that I'll need ether. My budget on tires isn't big at all and would really like not to spend more than $70. All advice is greatly appreciated guys! Thanks Josh

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Well, we're glad you joined up and we're glad you're interested in this hobby. It's a whole lot of fun. Plus, the downside, it can be a headache. But a headache that's still worth your while. Life is good riding a bike of this type.

    Now....I could give my opinions on a few of the things that you mentioned. But there's not much point to it. A better way for you to get the knowledge you need is to just start reading threads in this forum. Click on any headline that looks interesting and read until you decide that there's nothing left there for you. Then click on the next headline that looks interesting.

    In no time at all you'll get a 'feel' for these bikes.

    Best of luck.
  3. Rob H

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    I would have to say
    i would not worry about going 65 or even 35 with your budget I would also say get ready for serious disappointment I've been doing this a little over a year and every time I add something new or change up something you have to always rig something up for reliability I test my bike out and run it under all types of conditions before I ride it to work which is only 4 miles away I would not ride mine across country
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    I've went 30ish miles on mine and probably could have went further but the bike was saying more!!! My hands were vibrating for a good hour after that.... I don't like going more than 20 miles due to the fact its air cooled and a 2 stroke, they run better when they are cool
  5. Timbone

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    You wanna ride cross country on a bicycle that you slap a 66cc motor on? Budget of $175???

    If you were planning a cross country bicycle trip, you'd need to drop at least $1000 on a good quality bicycle.

    Keep it under 65mph, huh?

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    The fastest I've seen a motorized bicycle ever go was on YouTube and that was a 125cc Honda engine? With a 4 speed.... That was a registered motorcycle and it will go 60ish.... Had all motorcycle components so it was a motorcycle with pedals :)
  7. Steve Best

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    This 125 makes nearly 40hp and can do over 85mph pretty much as is. (maybe different tires)
    It has a 6 speed tranny and no pedals and weighs 220 lbs or 100kg with no gas.
    Imagine what you could do if you had that engine in a bike frame?
    I ride it long distances, 200-300kms, go offroad with it, and ride it back.
    Spokes loosen, pipe cracks, bolts come loose. That little bag on the fender is for tools.
    I know what it is to run a 2 stroke.

    This bike will do about 58kph or about 36mph top speed.
    That is pretty much all you want to do on those brakes.
    I have taken it 30-40 kms in a single trip without incident many times. Initial investment $250cdn. Weighs about 25kg or 50 lbs.
    It too has spokes loosen up, nuts come loose, the rear wheel bearings failed (and probably will again), and has blown head gaskets.
    You have to bring tools and a few spares.

    I really think you could do a cross country trip, but if you have to ask the questions, you don't know how to do it yet.
    Put one together and ride it. Listen, read and learn about bike maintenance and reliability. Do you own work.
    Do smaller trips, checking the bike over each time. Gradually get further. Learn.

    You can do it. Your speeds will be more like 25mph on a fully loaded bike.

  8. Frankfort MB's

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    Pics? After going 50mph on a bike with tall gearing and a very large hill.... I don't know if I like it :(
  9. Nanonevol

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    You won't be allowed on any highways.
  10. Hive

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    As a couple dodgers above imply, you are riding or want to ride a bicycle, not a motorcycle.

    Anyone who desires to exceed 30 mph on a bicycle needs to think about being dim. A bike is not a motorcycle and trying to crab your bike onto the roadway as something it was not designed for is nuts!

    If you want simple and near perfect running, GEBE rig with Tanaka 3300 engine, on quality bicycle...believe it!

    If you want fast and ability to ride most roads, buy a motorcycle.

    End of story.