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    Hey Im kurt ive got a 48cc Zbox kit with all stock parts ive had it for while but is just getting into the whole peformance side of things and is looking to buy a more powerfull engine soon(most likely black hawk).

    My carby is currently stuffed and im looking for a new one can anyone sugest a carby that will increase top speed more than any im not too concerned on price anything within $100 is good and if anyone can give me any any top speed tips or products it would be apreciated


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    If you go to the zbox web page where you got your engine from, there is a link that say's; "Tips".
    Not sure if you will get too much out of a 48cc standard Zbox engine though.

    If your carby is "stuffed", what specificaly is "stuffed" about it? Maybe it can be fixed, or chnaces are there are air leaks at the intake part of the manifiold where the carby slides on.
    Also, in the zbox parts list, there is an alternative carby to try, or just buy another carby.

    As for "top speed", what top speed are you hoping to reach on 48cc standard Zbox?

    Try some math....these engines may rev out to 6000rpm, how many teeth on rear sprocket and what size bike wheel.
    If you want to go faster, well, it simply won't, but if you happen to do so, please let us know, we want to go faster to!

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    Where the fuel is injected into the carby is ruined so fuel keeps coming through and pouring out of the carby the bike won't kick over and start I'm assuming this is the reason. I am using a cruiser not sure on size it's standard. I was looking at billet products percifically at the delete 2010/ 2011 car IRS will these fit and work well? Also if anyone is infested in purchasing just my engine I'm taking offers.
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    Hey Kj,
    Don't know what you can do for speed on a 49cc except going to a smaller sprocket. But then you're going to lose some off the line. I do know what you can do about the leaky carb. The chinese carb's are about the most low tech carbs I've ever seen. You can replace the parts (easy to get) or just replace the entire carb, (They'er cheap enough.) Sounds like thats what you want to do anyway. Listen to the guy's on this site about where to shop for one, Too many scammers out there. Sorry I don't know about the better carb's, I buy the cheap ones. And let us know if you got that thing to go any faster.
    Big Red.
    Are the 80cc engines OK to use where you're at? I think that would do it for you.
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