Need links to Get Started With a Hub Motor Setup



Batteries not included

I haven't bought mine yet. I was hoping for someone to provide some insight about them. I gather that the battery(s) doesn't come with the one from my link.
I was hoping that some folks out there had some opinions about the hub motors.
Are they reliable? Are 3 12v batteries enough? Should I wire up more batteries to get the 36v but have more storage? Is it worth it to get the regenerative(optional) brake?
I've got an old adult trike that I'm taking to burningman. I want the motor to be on the front wheel. I dont want to take the electric hub motor there because it costs too much to risk getting damaged in those conditions. I'm working on mounting a little 24cc motor from a weed eater.

Later I will get the electric motor for my dads trike.