Need some feedback on KINGS MOTOR BICYCLE ENGINE KIT!!

Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by StrontiumEthics, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. StrontiumEthics

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    Hello fello biker's I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with KINGS MOTOR BIKES BICYCLE ENGINE KITS? the two stroke 80cc? If so can I get some feedback on it? Like top speed? Clutch? Reliablity? Im trying to decide between a Kings Motor bicycle engine kit, or a Revolution Cycles bicycle engine kit? I am kinda new to this stuff? but still have prior knowledge on engines, bikes, etc. Give me some feedback on both if ya can! Thanks

    - Strontium E.

  2. stude13

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    it would take less of your time if you would use the search option above. the feed back is all there.
  3. Alan

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    First, none are 80cc. They're a little under 70cc.
    I have a King's. Took about 8 days to get. Had to grind the drive sprocket teeth. Which was a pain in the.... They were too wide for the chain.

    Revolution Cycles might sound like trouble. Go Dax.

    Top Speed ? between 20 and 40. Depending.

    Reliability ? :lol: :lol:
  4. Kings motor or Powerking? - I got a Powerking off Ebay. 174.00 w/ shipping. no warranty.
    So far, had it up to 37mph w/ some vibration.
    Kit is ok. I have done prior write ups on my opinion of it. Just search my tag under members to find them.
    No problems at all so far. Ride it everyday, up a 23% steep hill w/ pedal assist at 23mph.
    My friend has a Dax 49cc. - which I would recommend his company, but I stomp him in speed, acceleration and hills.


    Troy Fitz.
  5. bikeman6969

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    do yourself a favor and stay away from powerking. i dont know about kings but if you dont mind spending a little more money go with the ch80
    you cant go worng
  6. motoschwinn

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    If it's KINGS? I have 3000+ miles on my motor. But I've said so many times it's all in the breaking in...
  7. bikeman6969

    bikeman6969 Member

    like i said i dont know about Kings motors but i do know about powerking motors and i am not a big fan of them
  8. wayde

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    my powerking blew up after 1200-1500 km's rubber clutch pucks were worn to nothing, just ordered from chris hill yesterday
  9. bikeman6969

    bikeman6969 Member

    you did will not be disappointed. i have one of Chris Hills engines and it is the best one of the 3 that i have bought i had a powerking and it blew up and i have a 4 stroke to but i like the CH80 the best
  10. wayde

    wayde Guest

    good to hear haven't had motor for a while
  11. bikeman6969

    bikeman6969 Member

    you will like it. it run like you wont believe
    ps i like your home town the fall are cool me and my grilfriend went to see them last summer
  12. wayde

    wayde Guest

    i was taking the gamble on the price not knowing much about it i figured more money better motor, i also talked to chris and he's a good guy i'm lucky 25 bucks for shipping cause he's close and in canada revoloution cycle (brian) told me he'd give me two motors for 350 but i wondered about the quality of the motor and rest of the kit
  13. bikeman6969

    bikeman6969 Member

    you get what you pay for spend the extra cash i did and i am glad i did Chris will take care of you