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Need steps and pics on how to split bottom to get crank out



Hello again, I was having some issues on how to get the crank out to change bottom bearing, is there any info and steps to take to get the crank out. I know to remove all the screws, but i get stuck on how to use the pulley applied with the kit, any pics plus steps would be helpful Thanks
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Nov 4, 2006
I am guessing this is a Happytime engine?

The sprocket puller, also pulls the clutch and the small gear on the crankshaft. The center bolt is reversable....giving the outer part 2 sizes. The instructions are searchable on this site.

As for splitting the cases.....? I'd like to see that myself. :eek: I have one needing split, too. :confused:
seems it might split easier if the bearings ( 4 of them) were pressed out of the block ????

Maybe some of our members can give us a "how to" on splitting cases on a happytime.

then....lol .... the crankshaft has to be pressed out of one side of the flywheel! ( I have a happytime crank & connecting rod, bought in a grab bag of parts) Looks to have been heated to press in...I can show pics later.


:confused:It is a royal pain to split the block.

Don't forget the 3 engine screws behind the clutch.

I didn't need to remove the drive sprocket or the clutch shaft assembly, just the flywheel and clutch disc.

The bolt securing the crank gear was easy to remove. The crank gear itself was absolutely the hardest component to pull/pry off the engine. Once the gear slips off, use a rubber mallet to separate the engine halves. It will take some effort. You'll be pressing the crankshaft bearing out of the engine case(back half) at the same time you're separating the engine halves. Once separated, I used a telephone directory and the rubber mallet to tap the crank snout from the engine case(front half).

If you must pry the engine halves apart, be very careful. Any large scratches or gouges might cause an oil leak.