Need to identify HT motor

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  1. I bought a HT "80"cc from Ebay a long time ago fom someone that had a bunch of em. I am having clutch problems and Don Grube says all his GruBees had a decal on them. I already know a DAX clutch assy won't fit the shaft. This motor has 10mm head nut hexes, black tank and air cleaner, chrome muffler, and thes stupid double lever clutch handle, and the poor kill button that clamped to the bar. Does anyone remember who was selling them on Ebay? I think they were called sky hawk or something like that.:sweatdrop:

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    Just an idea ! Go to eBay and do a search on these engines and maybe you'll recogonize a seller's name and/or photograph. You might try posting some photos here, different angles, and maybe someone on this forum might recognize your engine !
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    Not trying to be a butt boy, but.....IDing doesn't really matter. Even some of the "best" guys selling the bazillion clones have a pretty short warranty.

    I say get specifically technical on what the problem is and fix it yourself with help from the forum.

    So you have 6mm studs. Old tech.
  4. The problem is simple There is a clutch overhaul out there according to Grube, but not just any gear will fit the shaft. I am about to the point of replacing the shaft with one from the Dax return motors and then using a Dax repair gear.,IF the d---ed shaft will fit the engine I have. We have had interchangability since Eli Whitney started making muskets. I guess the Chinese are still in the last century or two.