New acquisition of Hsu engine and VST system

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  1. Greetings Everyone ... bought a Hsu propulsion system from BirdSong (?) in Montana back in Feb. Took amost 6 months to get it delivered but it finally came. Now all I need is a decent bicycle to install it on. Any suggestions?
    BTW, I'm 6'4" and approach 300#'s so I'll need something with 'structure'.
    I'd like to have a front disk brake but can't find anything at WalMart that is a full-size unit equipped with one. I'm in no hurry to get it up and running but any advice would be welcome. It came with NO instructions. So, I'm on my own as far as the integration goes. Thanks.

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    Welcome to MBc. Read everything you can on this forum, especially our Buy/Sell/Trade section. Try yard or Garage sales. Check with your local police impound for unclaimed bikes. Use your imagination.
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    Welcome PokingPumasWithSpoon

    What is a Hsu propulsion system? Do you have a link?
    Sounds very high tech and exotic.... :grin5:

    BirdSong? I think you mean right?
    which would be BirdDog I think...

    As for your bike choice skip the Walmart bikes and look at some
    higher quality bikes because as a big guy you are going to break
    a Walmart bike, especially the wheels.
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