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  1. Hello gang, I am happy to report to you tonight that after consulting with Goodyear, Carlisle, Kelly Springfield, and several independent belt manufacturers, we have arrived at what is the finest combination of belt and pulleys that we could have imagined.

    The result of the research with the Belt Companies Service Personnel, who referred us to the engineering staff who did some great engineering studies for us, and re-enforced the decision we had made to use a particular belt both for longevity, and the gear ratio advantage that it provides.

    Quenton told me tonight, in a video conference, that his test bike is performing beyond expectations. The pictures below show the speedo on the bike, and the condition of the belt, with the 1409 miles on the new belt, and the actual belt in the V.5 level of the Q-matic bicycle drive system. The latest minor change in the drive system reduces belt drive friction, and therefore allows even more of the engines power to flow back to the drive wheel.

    We are pleased to see, that up close, in person, the belt with 1409 miles, looks like it just came out of the package. We are also appreciative of the skilled engineering models that were created for us by the Rubber companies.

    As always, American Engineering, American manufacturing and parts where possible,

    Mike Simpson

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  2. Where's my belt????

    Where's the parts to update my EZM Q-Matic. I'm curious to see if this is going to work. Quentin I thought you were sending me the updated parts?? Here are a couple private messages I recieved a couple weeks ago about the new update:

    "Hi. I had a q matic . Had the same problems that you have. Belt failure. I had several pulleys and belts sent to me and the new and not improved Q matic with the repositioned idler that did not work. I saw on the poll where you rated the Q matic the best??? Do you still think it[the q matic ] is the best???
    I now have the G4 with over 200 miles on it and it pulls hills with no belt slip or belt fail . Not fast but very dependable"

    "Finally we hear from a "real" customer and not a dealer or one of the dealers personal friends. Last night, another customer posted his dissatisfaction with the EZM system too.

    I am glad that I waited and didn't buy. To read EZM's posts, you would think that there are no problems because of all the testing and how it won't be chinese junk. EZM claims a .01% warranty claim rate here (post #29)

    So I guess you were the one in 10,000 that is having problems. If you haven't read that thread completely, you should. A lot of the real good posts were deleted though, and a member was banned for being critical of EZM.

    I suspect your pictures will be removed as this forum has administrators closely tied to EZM and they don't want any bad press."
  3. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Hi Kline's Kustoms,
    I just finished testing the version 5 for over 1400 miles, and it proved the original problem was in fact defective drive pulleys.
    I wanted to personally test the drive with the "Congress" front pulley prior to sending your dealer the upgraded parts.
    Only a very small number of drives were effected as most of the pulleys were made correctly. Your current configuration will work as designed if the defective pulley is replaced, however we will, as promised send the necessary parts to upgrade your system to version 5 because of better power transfer.

    Have fun,
  4. Mike St

    Mike St Member

    I don't know. I find it hard to believe that pulleys made on a cnc machine are defective.
    How can some be defective? Either they are not defective or they are all defective. I suspect but don't know for sure that poor installation is the problem. By forcing the pulley on over the keyway or hammering it into place and not aligning it properly is the real cause. It's very easy not to align it correctly. Hammering it on the shaft over the keyway could easily bind the pulley and make it impossible to position. There is a bolt head in the rear which comes close to the belt. I made sure my belt aligned with the pulleys and cleared this bolt head. I'll know for sure when I begin operating the bike. I'm waiting now for the back wheel to be respoked. Mike S
  5. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Hi Mike St,

    We were also surprized that pulleys made on a CNC could vary. It is important to note that all the pulleys weren't made at the same time, but were put into the same parts bins. However there isn't any doubt that was the problem! We shipped hundreds of drives and only a very few had belt issues. We first suspected the belts were the cause, but after exchanging several the problem continued.
    We consulted several belt companies and all told us the "chunking" was caused by the pulley pinching the bottom of the "V". I made a guage to check the pulley angle and that is when I found the pulleys weren't all made the same. After closer inspection I found the angle was 2 to 4 degrees off. I did chuck a couple in my lathe and cut them to the correct angle, however we decided to scrap the pulleys and go back to the "Congress" brand to avoid any future issues. Both pulleys were American made, one is cast and the other was custom machined.

    Mike you are correct that some of the issues were in fact poor installation. In one case the front pulley was "jammed" against the drive plate and cut a deep groove in the aluminum. The same drive had a screw replaced by the owner [too long], it contacted the backbone of the belt and shredded it.

    I do find it amazing that of the many drives we shipped only a very few had the defective pulley, but a few [not you] on this site seem delighted that we had a minor glitch. The good news is.....we were able to identify the issue, and correct it quickly, unlike drive problems over the last few years. In the past we just had to live with the problems, fix it ourselves, or do without [it often tooks months or longer before the next boat load of improved systems arrived].

    I just returned from another ride and have over 1450 miles on the drive system with the Congress drive pulley and the belt looks almost new.

    It is very important to us to make sure our drive is the best and if anyone has any doubt about their drive pulley we ask them to contact us for a warranty exchange.

    Our current drive [version 5] is now shipping with a special belt and an internal ider drive [version I am currently testing]. The new idler design is required when converting to the new belt. Information on the idler, location, and belt is available by contacting us.

    Have fun,
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  6. NoPed

    NoPed Member

    can't just use a smaller belt? what does the internal idler do exactly? oh, is it to stop the up and down effect you were having?
  7. Effect of Idler

    Hi NoPed, since we have established a specific dimension for the drive, it was then necessary to take up for belt inconsistencies, potential lack of concentricity of the pulleys, stretch, and wear factors. Remember, if we were to design the front of the drive for tension adjustment, the additional parts would raise the cost, weight, and complexity of the Drive System unnecessarily.

    We are convinced, that the Kiss principal is the best method overall.

  8. NoPed

    NoPed Member

    i just emailed Jay in Pa. with questions and kit info; thanks for reply.
  9. KilroyCD

    KilroyCD Active Member

    Let me set the record straight here. You are in fact, completely out of line on this assumption. The person you refer to was banned not because he was critical of EZM, but because he was the self-proclaimed "Simon Cowell" of this forum and crossed the line when he insulted the membership at large (incidentally on a thread that did not pertain to EZM) and was unrepentant about it. I suggest you get your facts straight before making such statements.
    As moderators we had received a number of complaints from members (not just vendors) about this individiual's negativism and the decision was made to remove him.