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    I am working on a new bike and plan on using all hand tool. I am also going to be recording, taking notes and photographing my entire project from beginning to end. Anyone with any suggestions as simple as they may be I ask that you please put your two cents inn. I currently have a schwinn cruiuser, front and rear hand breaks, and a 7 speed gear system, with fenders. I orderes my kit from BGF. Unboxing, bicycle, and more videos will be posted at

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  3. Remove the metal fenders and sell or recycle them. Metal fatigues and cracks with vibration. Skidding on a fender that breaks and rolls under your tire in front or alongside a car could kill you, don't risk it. I use fenders on my bikes because I occationally ride in the rain, but I never never use metal fenders. Planet Bike(and many other companies) sell polycarbonate fenders with stainless steel struts and hardware that will probably outlive your bike. Before someone goes off about plastic, polycarbonate is the very flexible and strong plastic they make bullet-proof glass from and stainless steel is far more fatigue resistant than aluminum or mild steel.
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    cool thanks will do when i lube up the bearings