New build, a couple of problems.

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    I just finished putting a kit together, and haven't even started it yet, but I'm already having a couple problems. First, and biggest, problem is there is no neutral on the bike now. I made a couple attempts to start it, and it sounded like it was really wanting to start, but after a couple tries, it just locked up and it acts like it's always in gear now, even when I squeeze the clutch, or manually push the clutch leer over. Second, and probably easier to fix problem, is the top part of the chain is rubbing against the tire. I imagine if I try to ride like this, the tire and possibly the chain will have a very short life span. Oh, it's also worth noting that I can't remove the cover for the gear because the first time I tried, two of the screws got stripped to the point where I can't unscrew them.

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    When I first got my "80cc" China motor in '08 my chain fell off the motor side gear and jammed behind the cover. If that's the case, the best advice I can think to give is to hold/press the clutch in and try to turn the rear wheel. Otherwise you could reslot those screws with a dremmel or to drill the screws out and rethread the holes.
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    Removing Broken Bolts

    Hi kurt77!

    Went through the same problems on my first build. If you don't have a Dremel, or similar type tool get one.

    I have the single speed and variable. The latter cost more.
    Also get a carbide bit set for your tool. What I purchased was this.

    It's an excellent set and very cheap for what you get.
    Now take the carbide bit with the round head and carefully create a depression in the center of the stripped screw or bolt. Make sure the deepest part is in the center. Then take a drill with a bit slightly larger than the shank of the screw or bolt and drill until the head pops off. Be careful doing this so you don't damage the cover. When the heads of the damage bolts are removed the cover can safely be removed. Then use vise grip type pliers to screw out the broken peace. I would highly recommend replacing all the screws and or bolts with stainless steel hex socket head screws or bolts. You can get those at your local store one or two at a time or buy in lots as I have.

    Before replacing the bolts apply some blue thread lock. Be careful tightening as your new bolts will strip out the engine casing.


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    If you have a 66cc kit they switched the drive sprocket and chain from 410 to 415 and it hits the front of the left drive sprocket cover with the clutch arm.

    You did notice there is a bolt on the back of the longer upper right hand screw right?

    These covers can be screwed on tight but all you need is the right sized good screw driver to take them out.
    Try the exact right size screw driver before you start drilling, you might be surprised.

    If you have to drill it an easy-out kit is handy, it has the right size pilot bit, and then a special larger reverse thread bit to dig into the screw and turn it out in the proper counter-clockwise direction.
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    First, go to a parts house & buy a screw extractor as said above....remove the sprocket cover to make sure chain is not caught up in the motor housing....if it's not then remove the right side clutch cover and adust the clutch by turning the center "flower nut" its called ...CCW to loosen clutch,,,CW to tighten...chain hitting tire is a common problem....rear sprocket should be concave side facing outward....if necessary angle the entire tire & rim away from the this as last resort cause it means tire does not run straight & true...