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    Hey Everyone,

    I just built my first motored bike with the help of one of my buddies from this site (Blaze). He helped me put a 500 Watt, Electric, 36 Volt motor on a bright red, Micargi Tahiti, 7 speed cruiser. He did the electric, like wiring the 3, 12 Volt, 18AH batteries in series and re-wiring the charger that came with the kit. The charger came wired backwards from the factory, so we had to blow it up twice before we figured out what was wrong with it. I did all the mechanical stuff like re-spoked the electric hub to the original rim, and bolted everything on the bike.

    I helped Blaze build the 50cc Schwinn OCC Chopper at By help, I mean drank beer and gave him an extra hand when he needed one. We built that one in my garage for my roommate's son.

    I am trying to get more range out of my electric bike (other than by peddling more). I have gone through 4 charges on my SLA batteries and can get 14 miles out of each charge with a top speed of about 22 mph on flat land. I am afraid that the only way to get more range out of my bike is going to be by adding another 40lbs of batteries, because there is no way that I am going to pay $500 for a NIMH battery pack just to save 15 lbs.

    I am looking forward to sharing what I have learned and receiving any suggestions on battery configurations that work best with the 36 Volt electric hub kits.

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    welcome to MBc and btw that is a cool post pics in the picture gallery of your build and let us see...good luck and happy motoring!
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    Welcome to MBc.:cool:
    Even the greatest surgeon needs an assisant. lol
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    Hi Johnny. Welcome to MBc! Home of many answers, and awaiting your ideas.

    General request to all new members.
    Please, before posting any questions, do a search. Then READ,READ,READ.
    There is a ton of information here. Many of your engine and performance issues in the Garage & Tech/Mech Help have already been covered. Here at MBc we are the home of nearly all MoteredBike questions. If you search and are unable to find your answer, don't hesitate to post your question. Were here for each other! Enjoy! :grin:}
    Here's a great post link to get you started.
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    Welcome to MBc Johnny. We're glad you're here.
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    welcome aboard! great to see more electric bikers! your one sounds pretty cool
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    Welcome Johnny.
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    Pics of my bike

    Thanks for the welcome everyone. Here are some pics of my bike.

    Tahiti Right Side Upload.JPG

    Tahiti Back Left Upload.JPG

    Tahiti Front Right Upload.JPG
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    Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride. :D
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    Welcome to the forum.

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    Welcome. Slick bike!! Your very lucky if Blaze helped you build this. Bet you will have a blast!!!