"New" engine problem



heres a few pics of the 2cyc clutched engine i found by dumpster diving at my place of employment. took it home gave it a once over threw a little ether in the carb and pulled the cord just to see if it would start, and it did sooo onto the fuel right? so i made a small tank out of an old water bottle attached the fuel lines, put my finger over the intake to suck up some gas and when I start it, it runs like a champ, nice and strong, then lay on the throttle and it takes off like a screamin demon. ok no problem there. the problem is when it seems to warm up the high end seems to bogg down, i can feather it to keep it going for a little while but when it starts to bogg it just slows to a stall. i have no air leaks and my mix is good. im not used to this slide/diaphram carb i did find the idle set screw but im wondering if the flat head screw is the high end adjust, and if so i presume that out is more fuel and in is less?
i had an old happy time that blew up so i took the drive sproket and just welded it to the clutch shaft. after i can get it to run right ill disassemble it and re paint it to match my moon dog. my HT was on it so now i need a replacement motor if i can work out that top end bug it will be a great engine.



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gas tank

make sure your gas tank has a way to breath. that is the mistake i made on mine. the cap on my tank was sealed, so when i let the engine warm up and pulled the gas, it bogged down and died. after drilling a hole, it worked fine. make sure its a tiny hole though. good luck.
Is your broken happy time's carby okay? Looks like a bolt on.
Man,I'm going dumpster diving for now on!

Just a side note,without gear reduction that gear you welded if you mate it to your rear sprocket you'll need to pedal at around 60 mph before your engine can run right. A Happy Time is already geared. Not necessarily that engine though. You may fry your clutch.
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