new genuine panasonic 18650pf battery 5-105pcs

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    When I was into ebike I bought 500pcs of these genuine panansonic 18650pf batteries and now selling the ones I never used, remember the PF is the High Performance one for those that do not know they are rated at 10a and have a large capacity of 2900mah, now remember as you put these in parallel the amp output and capacity go way up..example 4sp4 pack will put out 40a and higher peak and 11600mah/11.6ah. These are genuine, new and are sold per pack of 5 and as you can see in the pic each battery also is packed individually . I have 21 packs totally 105 battery's, price will fluctuate depending on how many boxes bought, starting at 1box of 5 for 30.00 free shipping to most areas!! And as you buy more you will get a better deal.
    Remember these are the 18650pf is the one tesla cars used............I will strive to give you the best price on the net if possible and your buying from the USA and they have been proven not to be copies as most the ones you buy from china are, I used a batch of these in 20s4p on my own bike with fantastic resultes. I was a ebay saler since 2004 with over 618 100% positives, but now refuse to sale on ebay ( they suck and demand too high of fees) I"m located in Arizona and will ship fast,,,,ask questions even if your just curious no props...thanks............I do take paypal and have been with them over 12 years now

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    How are you doing? I recently built an ebike. I was a little hesitant to build my own pack yet so I made a 48v pack by using 4 12v battery booster packs in series. They already had the ZbZmS and chargers do all I needed to do is wire in series etc.. Obviously my range is not great( about 10 miles.
    What would I need to buy to build a 52v 10-15amp pack? I.e. How many batteries etc..
    Can I just purchase a BMS for this or do I have to build my self?
    Another question is there anyone(you) that would build this? I also need it to fit a specific shape battery box I made.
    I did really good on bike and everyone loves it but as mentioned, battery is its only low point.

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    I need 80 cells for the bike above, how much would you charge me? And i live in canada so i dont expect free shiping!