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    Hi all. I've been watching and reading this forum for a couple of weeks now, trying to learn what's happening with MB's. Very cool stuff!

    I Have 3 kits I built back in the mid 90's from Dimension Edge. Italian Emak motors. Anyway, I got busy, kids got older, and eventually quite riding them.

    Recently I saw them sitting outside of my shed with weeds and vines growing in and over them. Weathered terribly! I pulled them out and thought I would see if I could get them going again. Funny thing is, I thought I would need to get the 2-stroke weedeater out to cut my 2-stroke motors free from the underbrush. Been about 7 yrs since they have been started; I knew it was a long shot, but I've finally got one of them running again. I was so excited I called DE and ordered new cables and Drive rollers. They need it bad, but it runs. Did I mention it RUNS, it really runs after sitting outside in the weather for 7 years, and how fun it was to ride it thru the neighborhood. What a rush! Now for the next one.....

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    Welcome and glad your here. Glad it runs.:grin:
    Lots of reading in the archives to get your rollers turning. terrence
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    WOW, that's great .
    [ formerly from upstate S.C. ]
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    Greetings digital guy,

    I know that feeling of the kids taking over your life as well.

    Where abouts are you in South Carolina?

    I am in Columbia...