New HS 37cc 4 stroke $165 [free shipping]

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by darwin, Jan 13, 2014.

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    I've never used one, but refer members to them. Never hear back about them, so I assume all is good. I wouldn't use the mount from livefastmotors from reading negative posts on the quality of parts.

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    That's my concern with the future belt-drive they have announced.The gauge/thickness of steel makes a world of difference structurally-wise.You can cut a BMP FD into quadrants and make a decent knockoff GEBE engine bracket, BUT you'd need to weld gussets as the metal is not thick enough.
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    That was my first and only mini 4. I'll never EVER buy a HS again. 20 miles in on a quality FD mount and the crankshaft snapped in 2! I liked the idea of a knock off Honda but it was junk. I use the top end to explain to people how a 4 stroke functions so its now a teaching tool/paper weight.
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    WOW! 1st time I ever heard of such a diss at a Huasheng motor, not the 49cc though. Thanks for the input.
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    It didn't just break the crank. The case snapped in 2 other places, ripped both crank seals and snapped the spindle bolt when the motor grenade'ed ! :O
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    I had the HS 31cc engine & didn't care much for it. It always smelled of gas when stored, but maybe that was the carb or the gas tank allowing vapor to escape?
    I ended up swapping that engine onto a scooter I sold & was glad to see it go.
    I'm now using just Tanaka engines for their power to weight and reliability. The little PF-3300 in my opinion is the best little engine on the market for most folks and the PF-4000 or 47r for those needing mucho power.
    Adding an expansion pipe w/ the correct length header makes these Tanaka's even sweeter.
  8. dchevygod

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    I don't have any Tanaka experience except for riding a BladeZ with the Tanaka 33. Not enough power for my tastes but dead reliable.

    I'm fond of the Zenoah/Chung Yang motors, the Zenoah is Japanese like the Tanaka but unlike the Tanaka there is no emissions controls. The CY's are Chinese clones but very close in quality to the Zenoah " maybe a little better plating/casting on the Zenoah "

    The smallest one, the g230 is powerful enough to move a 200lb person up to 25+mph. The bigger bores " Zenoah G43 and CY460R can produce 45+mph in stock form. Add a pipe, upgrade the carburetion and do some port work and you have a bad a$$ powerplant!

    The infamous Zenoah G62 is ungodly powerful and really expensive " $1000 for a motor that needs another $300/$600 in parts in order to run it with a clutch and pullstart.