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    Asking myself why and I can not answer that question. The truth is, I am fascinated and so my journey into Motorized Bicycles begins.

    Hello to everyone! My name is Dee TwoWalks and I live in the Central California Foothills. A small Gold Rush town. I am a fairly young 62 years and looking to get younger with time, anyone can get older.

    I love the old board racer look but can not bring myself to part $3,000 dollars. Who am I kidding, my wife will not or would not let me spend that amount on a bicycle, with or without a motor, cool or not cool. So I spend my days reading this forum, looking at pictures and reading about other peoples experience. I go from site to site looking at potential donor bikes and what it would require to add a motor.

    I am a visual person and often when I read about hooking this to that it makes no sense to me. I need to see it, hold it and turn it and then I can figure it out. For this reason and this reason alone, I decided to purchase a "Happy Time", poorly made, probably fall apart, limited dependability engine for my first project. I now have goals - three of them to be exact. First build a motorized bicycle with an inexpensive "China Kit Motor" to learn the ins and outs. Second goal is to build a more dependable, 4 stroke, Board Track Racer style Bike. Third goal is to learn and have fun.

    I currently have a bicycle frame from a 1930's bicycle as the basis of my "Board Tracker" and I even have bids out for a couple of tanks that will fit the look.

    I have a "Chinese Kit" on order and should receive it in a few weeks, supply dependent. I also have ordered a "Macargi Cruiser" and am waiting delivery of it.

    I have a couple other items on order and will be picking up an assortment of items from head bolt studs to carb covers. You know for those "not so great, need replacement items" along with lock washers and lock tite.

    Looking forward to the challenge, the enjoyment, the learning and in the process, the new friends I will meet along the way.
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    hey Dee welcome aboard
    I am truly looking forward to seeing some of your work
    I'm sure it will be inspiring
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    Thanks for the welcome - not sure how inspiring my work will be, I am hoping mainly for "It Runs" :grin:
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    Well I have already run into my first snag. I ordered the Micargi cruiser and have recieved a notice saying "oops, not in stock". Well it now looks like I will be getting the "Micargi Tahiti" instead. Now to figure out how to get those pretty little decals off. :rolleyes: