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    Well, just wanna swing in and introduce myself. Pretty much brand new to the whole motorized bike thing and just been reading for the past 2-4 weeks.

    Well, my friend had the fiendishly fun motorized bike which I knew nothing about but knew I had to have it. Well, lets just say the first ride almost ended up in a sidewalk........................:rolleyes:

    Whatever. Still was just in love with the idea and had to have it !!!

    8 months later and I have long forgotten about it and I end up working with the same friend over the summer. I went to his house and guess what, still has it!!! But this time, since he gotten a real motorcycle it's just been sitting. I asked to ride it and I took to it like a fish to water. Such a effing blast (excuse the french, but thats just how much fun it was)

    I ended up buying it with the means of tinkering with it as I used to tinker alot with cars but being in school, I got tired of juggling my time under the car, with friends and school (plus, being an engineer major, time was NOT on my side). This was my gateway to keep myself busy to tinker but didnt need half as much time (or finances :cool: )

    I did/do have a little trouble with it, but once these kinks are worked out and I have it all figured out, I will get a brand new kit and completely redo everything the way I want it. I bought it mostly to commute to school and be something I could learn with

    Without further a due, I present to you 'Cafe' :grin:


    I will be posting the issues I am having in the correct section shortly if yall wanna follow me thru and help a newbie out.