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    Hi everyone,
    My name is Ollie and I am the very happy owner of a CH80 kit from chris hill in Canada. His engine seems to be very solid and trouble free so far.
    I am about 250km new to this hobby, and lovin every minute of it. I first seen a fellow riding down my street on one of these one morning on the way to work and I was immediately intrigued. That night I was online and found out alot. After lurking here and seeing the Vendor review area, big thumbs up on that helpful area for a noob, I read and found the top quality kit available in Canada locally was chris or zoombikes. I bit the bullet and got the good one and havent regretted it abit. I mounted it on a CT supercycle san pedro, and the only thing falling apart is the brand new bike, LOL.
    Out of curiosity I ordered a PK80 kit from zoombicycles to see the difference in quality, and worst case scenario to simply have some spare parts on hand!
    Not sure about the PK80 yet as I havent mounted it on anything, so we'll have to wait and see. On my CH80 I fitted a pocketbike expansion chamber exhaust and noticed an immediate difference in low end tourque. That is the first of a few mods I have in mind, so I'll be scouring the site for info on my other ideas too. Thanks all for taking the time to read this long first post. Hope to make some friends and mabe find some fellow MBers in winnipeg while I'm at it!

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    G'day Ollie & welcome.
    Don't rely on swapping engine parts from different vendors cos most parts(especially internals) arn't interchangeable.
  3. Swede

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    Thanks for the welcome.
    I am mainly thinking of things like a CDI, clutch handle, or throttle linkage/carb and the like for spares. Is there any reason to doubt the durability of the PK engines themeselves? I am most likely going to build another for a spare or to sell but I am curious if the overall longevity is at least comparable to some of the more expensive kits.
    ie, if you get 4000mi from a 400 dollar kit can you get 1500 mi from a 150 dollar kit?
    Basically is the cost per mile comparable when you break it down. I have no long term experience with these kits so a more experienced opinion would help.
  4. Swede

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    BTW is anyone here aware or what kit Chris Hill starts out with for his CH series kits. A grubee perhaps?