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    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Bob, I live in Bellingham MA, work as a machinist and I am new to motorized bikes.

    This all started when my buddy and I were searching for used mopeds on craigslist and we stumbled upon an ad for a motorized bike. I thought to myself "Wow this is so so much cooler than a moped". Why buy it when you can build it? Weeks of research later here I am joining the forum. Loved all the information it had to offer.

    For my First build I am going with my Trek 4500 mountain bike, a Flying Horse 66cc two stroke engine kit and the hd shift kit from Sick Bike Parts.

    I'll be putting it together over the next couple weeks. Can't wait to get it running smoothly and reliably.


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    We're glad you joined up.

    I think maybe a lot of folks discover these bikes the same way you did. Wondering if they can find a cheap used moped or scooter, they discover engine kits for bikes and think, "that'll get me where I want to be'.

    So have fun and keep us posted on progress.