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    My name's John and I've been interested in motorized bicycles since my friend brought up the idea about a year ago. I've always been into increasing fuel economy of my cars. I have yet to build a motorized bike but look forward to learning all I can on these forums to make the best I can.

  2. Mountainman

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    hey -- good luck with that motor bike build John

    and once it's up and running

    have fun and be careful as you -------- ride that thing
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    Welcome John..
    Lot's of good info here.
    Also Look at youtube for cool M/B vids
  4. JohnDN

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    Yea I've seen the YouTube videos. A lot of good ones out there. For my build I want to utilize the Honda GX35 engine with a custom built 4-speed transmission. I plan on having a set up like on a standard bike.

    I'll have 4 different size gears with the largest being 89T and the smallest being 43T. This should give the engine good acceleration from a stop and allow it to get up to 55MPH. I have it geared out to where I can either be cruising 55mph at 7,000rpms (peak horsepower) or shift one gear higher and cruise 55mph at 5,500rpms (peak torque).

    The top speed is actually 80mph in 4th gear at 8,000rpms, however it's just a small engine and doesn't have the power to get up to this in 4th gear. Going that fast on a bike anyways is suicide. Its almost suicide going that fast in anything. The engine will have a few mods such as tuned exhaust, tuned intake, modified timing, and hopefully raise the compression ratio to 10:1 at the least. I think I can get it to at least 2 horsepower which should be good for cruising 55mph. I'm hopeful, but only building it and actually testing it will tell.
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    55 Mph ????

    Better buy a good helmet...
    Thats kinda pushing it don't you think ??
    32 MPH kinda pushes my bike to the Limits..
    Better build a Strong bike...
    Good Luck !!!:nuke:
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    Yea I know. I have a 1982 Nighthawk motorcycle, so I got a nice full-face helmet from riding that. I don't plan on going down any highways or anything, but I think it'd be ok out on empty country roads (where I live) as long as I have some good traction street tires on it and a good braking system. In Ohio, anything with over 1HP, or 20MPH, or =/>50cc is legally considered a motorcycle. If I'm building a "motorcycle" might as well go all out. Even motor assisted bicycles are considered mopeds at the minimum if they aren't over the specs in the last sentence. Difference between a motorcycle and a moped is a 200foot horn, rearview mirror, and a license plate light.