New member from Oregon



I am new at this so here it goes . I have two bikes that I have motorized using Golden Eagle kits and various parts. My best and most powerful bike is a Gary Fisher Joshua full suspension with a Tanaka 35 cc 2 stroke. It is a real sweet ride and has lots of speed and power for the hills. I have had it up to 35mph on the flats and this is with the engine still in its' break in period. I do get 180 mpg which is great. I like to just cruise around at 18 to 20 mph. Speed kills and on a bike this is very possible when you are going 35 mph with bike brakes to stop you. These people out here driving cars just have no respect for bikes and with them all texting and cell phoning it is dangerous. WYOA I always say. anyway my other ride is a schwinn 26 inch mtb hard tail with a Golden eagle kit 26cc Tanaka. This is a real nice little engine and has lots of power using their smallest counter sprocket. It will get 200 mpg at around 25 mph. Totally reliable set up both of them. I use 36 spoke wheels and have had no problem with broken spokes like I did with the 32 spoke set up. I ride or at least try to every day it is not raining or freezing cold. The winter is coming here in Oregon and this is not good for bike ridding. I may reconsider since I saw the price of gas today. $3.20 a gal for reg. I am retired so have the luxery of staying home when I can not ride but that aint no fun.