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    I'm a new member and soaking up as much information as I can. I have a '54 ladies Schwinn Panther that I bought for parts and was about to get rid of it when I came across this forum. After seeing all the great work, I decided to turn it into a boardtrack style bike and install a motor. I'm almost done with the bike but still need to decide on what motor to use. Here is a before and after; stretched, lowered, and built a tank and toolbox. I've got a Monark springer and Brooks saddle on the way to finish it off.


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  2. wheelbender6

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    Wow. Quite an improvement.
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    Very very nice. I would hate to see a simple two-stroke on that. A member here that would give better direction than I could is Quenton would be cool to see a whizzer motor from the same year as the frame on it. There are many others, he was just first to pop into my mind.
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    Thanks guys.
    Stan4d, I agree, my first choice would be a Whizzer motor, it would fit the best with the style and fill that big hole in the middle. But the cost may force me to go with a simple 2 stroke unless I can find a real deal.
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    Lifan may also be an option.....but if you exceed the 50cc here it is considered a motorcycle, so a 2 stroke may be the way to go....for now.
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    Hi clexton1,

    Welcome to MBc

    Great looking bike!

    You might consider a 49 CC 4-stroke motor.

    Many 49 CC 4-strokes maintain the vintage look [Service cycle, Cushman, etc]

    PM me if you want information on using a Whizzer motor [vintage or new edition]

    Have fun,