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    This winter started, with my brother and I, rebuilding to gas engined reel lawn mowers from early postwar period. The one I did was a "Power Products" engine, 2 cycle....

    So after these restorations we'd talked about Monark's "Super Twin" w/ a Power Products engine enough, we decided to take on slipping an engine on a bicycle. He bought a Grubee 66cc and I bought another Chinese version and it was supposedly an upgraded kit, comperable to his Grubee's claims. He built his on a Schwinn middleweight, rat rodded w/ springer etc. I picked up an adult OCC Schwinn Stingray Chopper bike.

    The kits say 2-3 hours and you should have them running...:jester: That is a laugh. Both bikes required fitting & welding pieces here and there. The OCC required much more of that than the middleweight.... we are really close to firing them up for the first time.

    They are nearly completed. If anyone has some hints for 1st start-up please let me know.... at this point, as you can imagine, we are sponges for correct information. Any tips welcomed. :bowdown:

    After this 1st attempt, next we want to do another bike each. He wants to build one with a "jackshaft" engine, and use the multiple speeds and I want to do a low slung Workman's frame and use a 49cc 4 stoke for more power and centrifugal clutch. Either way, it's been a learning experience.

    We'll get a U-Tube vid up eventually of both of this winter's projects. I'll try and post here too.

    We also live near where Maytag washers were made, and we've been trying to locate a couple hit & miss Maytag engines to rebuild as well. They're pretty cheap around here. We have our picker watching for them near the old factory area right now and at this summer's auctions in his backyard.

    Speaking of pickers, the far-from-reality show, "American Pickers" that's on the History Channel now, is an insult. From promoting an antique bicycle swapmeet for 17 years here (prior to internet useage) I know Mike Wolfe the skinny guy on that show. He had a bike shop in N.E. IA and had removed his antique bike collection from his bike shop, just prior to a suspicious fire in the shop one night. Insurance didn't pay and he lost his bottom end. :ack2: He has always been a cackeling dilbar just as on the show... but before he had History Channel funds... he was the tightest man in the hobby, only stealing things from the unknowing & unsuspecting with the good ol' boy ploy he uses on TV... there is no "reality" to him or that show!!:rolleyes7:

    Thank you to this site creator, and the chance to tell lies with everyone else here.


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    Hi Alan, Welcome to Motoredbikes! But who were you before you got here this time?

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