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  1. Hi all,
    I am building a 4stroke 49cc BikeBerry/Huffy motorized bike. My immediate need is for accurate info regarding titling and registration in Wisconsin.
    Tom from Rubicon

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    Hi. I am from Wisconsin. There is no need to title or register a motorized bicycle in Wisconsin. The only stipulation is that it must not go faster than 30 mph. If you ride at night, you will need a headlight and rear reflectors. That is about it. Wisconsin is a pretty good state for motorized bikes.
  3. Thanks for the reply bakaneko,
    I have been digging around Wis DMV where they seem to know about Moped's and Scooters but haven't yet included motorized bicycles. I'm sure it is a matter of time. They are starting to be popular in Hartford,Wi. I found a guy in Kenosha how has several mobikes listed on Craigslist.
    Thanks for the reply,
    Tom from Rubicon
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    Hi, I am in Pewaukee and Waukesha area. I looked this up quite a bit and I carry the relevant Wisconsin statutes around with me just in case an uninformed cop stops me. The statures are very specific about motorized bicycles and I have never been stopped by cops even going close to 30 mph. And, I really don't think they care if I am going over 30 mph.

    The DMV will have little information regarding motorized bicycles because MB are exempt from licensing, registration, and insurance. The state do want you to run headlights if you are riding at night though. The only thing is that a municipality can set their own laws regarding motorized bicycles that supercedes the states, but I checked every municipality around me and they don't have anything specific. I guess just don't cause a ruckus and you should be fine.

    I see the Kenosha guy's craiglists as well. The bikes he uses are $80-100 fromWalmart, engine kit probably $120, and probably a few extras that he lists. So, I think there is probably like a $100 premium on top of the raw materials for his service of putting it together. If you just don't want to futz with installing the engine and want a "pro" to do it, then it is a good way to go. Note, he uses cruisers without V or disc brakes so I really figure out if the coaster brakes are good enough before going too fast. Otherwise, find a decent bike with decent brakes, order a kit, and you can enjoy the fun of putting it together. :eek:

    statute 340.30
    (30) "Motor bicycle" means any of the following:
    (a) A bicycle to which a power unit not an integral part of the vehicle has been added to permit the vehicle to travel at a speed of not more than 30 miles per hour with a 150-pound rider on a dry, level, hard surface with no wind and having a seat for the operator.

    statute 341.05
    41.05  When vehicles exempt from registration. A vehicle, even though operated upon a highway of this state, is exempt from registration if any of the following applies:
    (23) The vehicle is a motor bicycle or bicycle, except as provided in s. 349.18.
  5. Thank-you again bakaneko,
    I appreciate your posting the specific statutes. I will copy and save to use as you do.
    (("I guess just don't cause a ruckus and you should be fine." ))
    I'm not going to cause a problem in Hartford but I am aware of a fellow who doesn't seem to think the Rules of the Road were intended for him. Time will tell.
    Tom from Rubicon, Wi.
  6. If you're looking for a good honest motorbike parts dealer? Her name is Lynn and her website is she is very knowledgeable very friendly and will talk to you walk you through it if you don't see it on her website? she'll find it for you she has a full machine shop.
    She even makes her own parts and design her own parts. I think the only negative impact of that is the little Chinaman are taking her ideas and mass producing them with junk metal. I have lots of family in Wisconsin check it out guys Lynn issue good people. Tell her Bob sent yah. No I don't get anything out of this.
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  7. Dear Bob,
    I have a machine shop and Lynn has bike parts. I have been trading my machine shop services for MB parts. She accepts personal checks from me. With Lynn's help I am building a Sportsman Flyer 80 clone. With my machine shop I have remade a mounting plate for a EZ-matic transmission as the stock plate is not for a vertical engine. I am also making an improved Sportsman engine "cradle"
    Bob, if you look in the dealer review you will see more of my comments about / MBrebel.
    Tom from Rubicon, WI
  8. Well hello Tom it's nice to meet you I had only spoken to Lynn a number of times and I have placed a couple small orders. She was very friendly and very professional and delivered everything she said she would on time as promised.
    Sorry for any typos as I am using voice recognition software
    However she said she was changing the website from Custom motorbikes 2mb I had never heard of you she didn't mention having a full machine shop that was once an automotive machine shop and that she had gone out of business and switched over to this industry. I hope there is no animosity between the two of you Question is now are both sites active or not because when I was at custom motor everything was not listed that was on there now when I go to NB Rebel everything is not listed as well they seem to be similar websites.
    So my question to you is which site do I go to to order parts?
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  9. Typo that needs correction, she DID MENTION HAVING A MACHINE SHOP.
  10. Hello Bob,
    Lynn uses several machine shops, I just did some work for this spring in trade for goods. (Fair trade at that )
    Both of Lynn's sites are active ( I think ) but MBrebel is the new better, last I looked still unfinished site.
    Lynn's old site was good ten years ago, and still useful but her customers asked for more.
    A shopping cart being foremost. That said when I purchase parts from Lynn, I either call her up or delve through her inventory and email my request. As I live 40 min. away I just make a date with Lynn that is good for her for a pick up.
    I am totally ignorant of Lynn's Automotive endeavors. Thanks for the tip, it's always fun visiting Lynn.
    I surely hope she has no animus towards me as she has my admiration for being a business woman.
    Tom from Rubicon, WI