New paint job and help identifing bike

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    Just wanted to show my fellow bikers my new paint job. I did this with krylon black primer spray for 5 bucks minus the masking tape and razor blade. I also come to you all in need of help trying to identify my ride. I know that its a chopper but I know what an occ chopper looks like and my bike is much taller and longer than a occ. I aquired the bike maybe five to six years ago off the street. The bicyles wheel base is 55 inches long, from wheel axle to axle. Please help new pictures and old pictures on photobucket under choppanyc. Sorry still dont know how to send pictures to the forum. Thank you. Mr Dupree

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    Identifying bike

    Thank you for helping me identify my ride. I live in the city and dont get to ride as much as I would like. But this summer I had more free time and I rode every time I left the house. Everytime I took the bike out I would get numerous people questioning about the bike, most of them were about the heart but some were also about the bike itself and I never knew what kind it was or where to get one until know, thanks to YOU AND THIS FINE FINE FORUM.
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    And thanks so much to those who post pics and attachments of my albums and the whole nine. THANKS A MILLION MY FELLOW RIDERS. Mr.Dupree