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Jan 14, 2008
OK, I'm new to motored bikes but I'm very familiar with 2-stroke engines as I'm a semi-pro RC Car racer and am very mechanically inclined. I have strong fabrication capabilities and plan to make my own gas tank, mod stock fenders, and fabricate motor mounts to the frame of this extended cruiser frame:

The final project will look more like this:

I've decided against the Chinese kits. Any other suggestions? Please keep in mind that aesthetics are VERY important and I have no problem fabricating a new exhaust pipe.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, don't know how to resize yet...
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hiya appears you've not checked out how we run things here, your welcome message has some good info for the new's forum policy that everyone stop in at "introduce yourself" and say howdy to the group.

also, read my sig for more info on posting images on MBc.
IMO , i think the chinese kit will look cool on that bike, I'm not sure how any other engine will look with that bike. Yeah the chinese engine may not be the best way to go, but for overall look I Thinks it awsome. You don't want to put a boxey lookin frame mount 4-stroke, in that frame, because it wouldn't run with the frame lines. I don't know, its your ride, and you sound smarter than me. also i think you should put some kind of unique fenders on there, it looks to plane without them
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hot70cc, thanks for your input. I agree with you, I've seen the 4 strokes and while I like their torque, sound and quietness they do look sad. Maybe someone knows of a quality engine similar in look to the Chinese single poppers.

Oh, and I'm considering at least a rear bobbed fender.
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I've got no problem with a 49cc engine. I can always hotrod it. I just want a reliable and quiet engine with a wide enough torque curve that looks good also.
So what do you think of that motor, i'm guess it would be a reliable motor, The only problem is doing all the mods to it , to make it work on your bike, because it doesn't have anything included with the motor, but then again with you knowledge, it shouldn't be a problem. If i had the skill i would try it.
That's an interesting point....why is it that all 4 strokes look so boring compared to the 2 stroke Happy Times.....If one could ditch the shroud would it look OK then?....I realize that the shroud is often used to direct cooling air from flywheel's "fan" but does a 4 stroke engine really need all that air flow?...It's firing only every other revolution as opposed to every time for our lil 2 strokers..
Well I found a used Tomos moped to use as a donor bike. I will basically be using the rear wheel and brake system. Also, the engine block and tranny will be grafted on to the Micargi bike frame. I'm going to rebuild the engine with a 70cc high performance kit and get a performance pipe.

I still need a reasonably priced set of very long shock down tubes. The mountain bike ones are really expensive. Any ideas?