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  1. ljames

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    I just purchased this bike form craislist and got it for $120. My first bike I purchased from target and the crankset barings failed on me and I could not start my engine due to not being about to pedal to a start.

    Here is some pics of the new bike that I'm hoping to customize....I'm going with a simular look but with some small changes like new pedals, disk brakes, straight handlebars, shift kit to make the ride easier, est...

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  2. motorpsycho

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    well, unless you have a centrifugal clutch, you do not need to pedal to get the engine started.
    you can just coast down a small incline, or push the bike and then pop the clutch to start the engine.
    I never pedal any of my bikes, i use the pedals for footrests only.

    so you bought a different bike because the crank bearings failed??
    hmmm, i would have just replaced the bearings.

    But that is a cool looking bike you have there, and it's always fun to re-build.
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  3. ljames

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    It was a cheap target bike and I wanted to get started on a new project anyway. I wonder if I can add a shift kit to the single gear.
  4. motorpsycho

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    umm why would you want to do that? it is a SHIFT kit, not a SINGLE GEAR kit.
    you need multiple rear sprockets for it to would be wasting your money.
    I am thinking that you were joking about putting a shift kit on it......:)
  5. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum. Great looking cruiser.
    A shift kit uses the pedal chain for propulsion rather than a separate chain for the motor.
    You are not taking full advantage of the shift kit unless your bike has multiple gears.
    You can add an axle mounted derailleur and rear wheel with cogs. You said you wanted
    to add disk brakes so you will be OK without a coaster brake.
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