new ride from chihuahua mexico

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    hi I'm new in this forum and I recently mount a new grubee motor on my old bike haha... looks nice!!
    i am from chihuahua city in mexico, here this type of bike (motorized) are very rare and all the people when see the bike has very impressed haha.. in the future I want to make more bikes and sell them (more friends want one!!)

    sorry for my english, very little...and poor..

    here some pics of my bike and my brother`s bike


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    Welcome and looking good...your English and spelling are better than some of us on here and it is our 1st language.
  3. tononoink

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    I want to modify the seat 2 inches back and low,. paint some parts in flat black too. and customized the fuel tank with some pinstripin.
    I'll post more pics when its finished.