New Staton First ride tonight!

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by ampliflyer, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. ampliflyer

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    I finally got my staton/EH035 chain and gear drive this week.
    Stopped by the bike shop on my way to work this morning and had a new tire and cog stack installed on the heavy duty rim 12 guage spokes and staton hub.
    The bike is a Giant Sedona (had it for 8 years great bike) and the install was for the most part straight forward.
    Overall it was about 3 hours from box to first ride but I did it over 2 evenings.
    It was not at all easy but of course now that it's on and running it doesn't really feel that it was that bad in hindsight
    I asked one of the guys in my shop to help out and dont really think I would want to tackle it alone but I'm sure plenty have.
    So this evening we got it all in place ...I filled the case with fresh oil and rode it as a bicycle(not too heavy feels more stable actually) up to the automated gas station in my industrial park where my shop is.
    I pulled up to the evil gas pump selected the best most expensive grade of gas and proceeded to pump about 2 seconds later the tank was full and when I looked up at the price it read .52 cents.YES!
    4 pulls of the recoil starter had the little Robin purring and I hopped on my bike the vibration was a VERY strange situation I gave the thumb throttle a push and away I went.....slowly at first then faster as my confidence in the design and installation increased.
    I rode around for about 30 minutes testing and inspecting for any potential problems.
    So far so good.
    I actually went "trail riding" out in a horse field behind my house.
    Surprising power ....I am 6'2" 240lbs. and It was exhilarating ....accelerating up modest hills
    It was an absolute blast just thought I would share my zeal!!!!!

  2. stude13

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    ZEAL we dont need no stinkin ZEAL! congratulation
  3. lennyharp

    lennyharp Member

    The Staton kit I setup is running strong after 800 miles and I am loving it.
  4. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    Good choice going with the staton. They're definitely the most durable and have the most stable engineering on the market. You won't be disappointed, mine hasn't let me down once after 350 miles. And oh so smooooooth!
  5. billintexas

    billintexas New Member

    I run the friction unit ot the chain drive.After over 150 miles,since last week,I find the stanton drive just like you fantastic. I can't say enough about this system it has sure freed me and my grandson up. I owe it all to the peolple of the forum board. They convinced me this is the way to go greener. Thanks one and all!!!!!
  6. kerf

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    You've definitely bought the Cadillac of bike engines, the more you ride it, the more you love it. One nice accessory you should consider, is the twist grip throttle. Much more comfortable on long rides.
  7. ampliflyer

    ampliflyer Member

    Well...I'm 25 miles in and so far so good.
    I did some fine adjustments this afternoon and rode around town, man this thing is really cooler than i imagined.
    The little Robin fires right up...I had major league concerns about the 1.6hp motor but that little bugger just rocks!
    I'm able to keep my bike in the 21st gear and at red light I gun it and pedal for about 2 or 3 kicks then off I go the acceleration is brisk (for what it is) and then I can maintain cruising speed that is comparable to the traffic most of the time.
    It is a little noisier than I had hoped but not terrible.
    The mount seems rock solid ...I'm impressed.
    I like the fact that it is an American product for the most part(motor itself is Japanese).
  8. Warner

    Warner Member

    I'm thinking Staton all the way. I've heard the install is a little tougher than some other kits, but I keep thinking, "How bad could it be?" I think it'll be FUN installing the kit. I'm going to go with the 2 stroke Mitsu TLE 43 engine though. One question....from the time you ordered your kit, how long before you received it?

    Good luck and thanks!

  9. ampliflyer

    ampliflyer Member

    First of all I'd like to say that I too own a small manufacturing company and I know first hand how tough it can be to deliver from time to time.
    I do however try to stay in contact with my customers to keep them informed of the status of their order.
    That said I placed my order on a monday and was told that it was all in stock and though it wouldnt ship that day it would go out by wed. or thur. of that week.
    David said that I would receive an email notification when it shipped.
    Well about a week after the payment cleared my account, middle of the following week I still hadn't received my email confirmation so I thought I might give a follow up call just to make sure my order hadn't fallen through the cracks.
    Staton was borderline rude and said if I hadn't received my email then it hadn't shipped (his demeanor instantly reminded me of the "soup nazi" episode of Seindeld) I asked when I might expect it as I had to go out of town for a trade show and needed to arrange for someone to receive the package.
    He assured me that it would go out the next day 2 at the latest.....
    So another week came and went and I sent a short email saying that he had my money for a couple weeks and that he had assured me that the kit would ship the next day each time I had contacted him and that I was feeling a little stupid with the deal.
    No response to the email...... so off I went to my trade show and when I got back home I had an email saying it had shipped.
    The very next day the engine and gearbox arrived but no wheel....later that day I got another email saying the wheel had shipped but the cog stack was still on backorder.
    It was about a month from the day I ordered the kit(maybe a little less) to the time I received most of the parts.
    I still havent received the cog stack but I had another that worked perfectly.
    The total lack of communication was frustrating....I would never have bothered him if he had said it will take a month but he repeatedly said it's shipping tomorrow and so I believed him.
    The quality of the kit once received more than made up for my mild irritation over the deal.
    It is real mechanical genius and I am quit chuffed with the end result.
    As far as the fun of the build the instructions are lame at best and the pictures are not as detailed as you really need if you have never actually seen one of these installed.
    As I said before now that it is installed a second kit would be a breeze.
    You basically just need to figure it out for yourself as each bike frame is different.
    I build and fly radio control helicopters and manufacture semi complicated tube based audio gear for a living so the kit was really "up my alley" so to speak but anyone with limited tools and mechanical experience probably would not be able to assemble this kit without professional assistance.
    My engine choice was the robin micro 4 stroke because I wanted to be able to just pull into any gas station pump in my .50 cents worth of fuel and motor on.
    I already own a 2 stroke Tanaka 35cc and a Chinese pocket bike motor that is as souped up as it can be (52cc big bore / pipe /large carb/boost bottle etc) and thought if I needed the extra power I could use either of those but this machine is intended to be a daily(weather permitting) commuter and need the straight gas no mix convenience.
    So I definitely recommend the kit just expect a longer delivery time and you will be thrilled with your ride.
  10. Marktur

    Marktur Member

    May I ask how much was the kit and total amount invested? I have a Happy Times now, but considering moving up to 4 stroke.

    Also - for other guys: How does the performance compare to the 2-stroke HT motor...not sound or gas mileage, but actual riding, accelerating, cruising, and top speed?

    I guess I mean does the 35cc Robin stack up to the almost 70cc HT?
  11. TWalker

    TWalker Guest

    yea thats the way I felt..... "soup nazi" hahah "no soup for you!"

    Can someone tell me if I dont want to relace a wheel how much fabricating needs done on a basic 26 bike?
  12. Warner

    Warner Member

    Thanks for the thorough and detailed response! Good information....ALL of it. And if I get the kit and run into problems, I'll be in touch! Haha! I wondered about the delivery time. I had a killer VW motor built for me by one of the top engine builder in the country (in Orange County, of course!) and it took me about 8 or 9 months to get it. Talk about waiting! I can relate, and agree with you on the part of "if they just would have SAID that it would take x amount of time" you'd have been fine. Good to know that the kit is high quality though, as expected.

  13. ampliflyer

    ampliflyer Member

    Like I said before I am fully aware of small shop-idis and I dont at all feel burnt on the deal and would/will do business again.
    So...enough of that stuff and on to the real deal which is the genius design and performance :

    Someone asked about the performance of the robin.....
    I chose that engine because it was straight gas no mix, it has an excellent reputation for durability and more importantly being 4 stroke it has smooth low end power.
    The emissions to me at least are less noxious than a 2 stroke..... while sitting in traffic when your exhaust is basically eye level to the "car people" as I've grown to call them you appreciate the lighter exhaust smoke and odor.
    As far as throttle response goes it isnt that "floor it" and nothing... nothing..... whoa! power and screamin' revs. like with a 2 stroke
    No this little guy is just linear in the throttle response.
    You really feel the assistance if pedaling.....I basically just keep the bike in one of the higher gears and with the assistance of the motor you feel a smooth steady push.
    Even tooling around in the feild behind my house I can put the bike in 3rd gear
    do some "trail riding" I was shocked with it's willingness in that envirment and then remembered seeing some pictures of a guy with a staton motored mtb up on a mountain side and thought how cool it might be to actually hit the backwoods with it.
  14. billintexas

    billintexas New Member

    I ordered it online on a friday afternoon.Got confirmation same day with shipping too. It arrived 4 days later by ups or fedex i dont rememeber. Took my grandson and me 2 hours to asemble a kaluna moon dog cruizer bike mount the friction drive throttle ,and repair the bad kill switch and mount it.So three hours after openeing the thing up we were out there cruizing.
    I didnt cheat I used this forum to learn all about how to mount it.Also used the stanton site pics too.If this forum were not here I thin k we would still be trying to get it RIGHT.
    Enjoy the build cause you will be too busy cruising afterward to go back and do it again!!!
  15. Staton's timeliness

    I had the same basic issues as ampliflyer when working with Dave. I was told it could take 10 days to ship. He immediately processed my payment and nearly a month later it shipped. Yes, I had been in contact with him as well. I really like the kit and I spent well over 3 hours to put mine together...maybe 30 hours in total, but some of that time was spent painting, etc. Smooth...hmmm, not quite so smooth all the time. I've not figured out what the problem is either. I will be sending him an email soon. I think that the gearbox sprocket is off center or the drive shaft on the gear box is bent because I can watch the axel "wobble", but only when the chain is driving the rear wheel. I will investigate that a little more when I change my gearbox sprocket. Mine is also a littler jerky at times. If I let the throttle out and then rethrottle it could be fine. Sometimes I need to do it a couple of times. Its been doing this since I started using it and I now have about 300 miles on it. Maybe it has something to do with the clutch?? Overall, I don't think anyone could be disappointed with the staton chain drives if you take the time to assemble things properly and do a nice job with it. So, I can't help you compare motors, but I can help you figure out what to expect on shipping:grin:...

    Happy riding