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    Hi all,
    Joined this forum because I'm thinking of motorizing my bike. The cost of commuting by car is far too expensive. Though I sometimes ride a couple miles on my bike when I need to get something nearby, I'm a track athlete and usually I'm far too tired to go across the city on a regular basis by bike.
    I'm not at all interested in speed or gizmos, just want a reliable kit that's easy to set up and will get me that awesome advertised gas mileage.
    I was looking at, but now I'm not so sure since they say on their website that it's completely street legal to ride one of their bikes. Having looked into the laws, I've learned that I need an M2 license along with other things in order to ride legally. So I'm not very sure if I want to buy from them if they're spreading false advertising.
    Any suggestions?


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    It depends on your state Ben. Check the laws/legal/legislation sub-forum on this site.
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    Did you ever buy a kit from Motovelo? Can you tell me what kind of engine you got? Is it 2 stroke or 4? Are you still happy you purchased it? Is it still running ok? I'm thinking of getting one of their engines and I want to know if they are better than the cheap China engines.
    Thank you
  4. LR Jerry

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    Here are my guidelines for building:

    1) Predominant riding terrain.
    2) Primary riders physique.
    3) Lookup and read local legal requirements.
    4) Type of bike.
    5) Budget.

    Stay within these guidelines and you'll have a bike you can enjoy riding. Good luck with your build.