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    Hey guys, so I have this old pocket bike thrown in my back yard that I wanted to get it into running condition. But my father showed up 2 days ago with a Schwinn OCC Chopper. I decided to try and convert that. I have done a few things to it to get it more to my taste(took all the decals off, changed handle bars and seat). I have no idea on how to convert it though. I was thinking of taking all the stuff off my pocket bike, but I'm not sure if the motor is powerful enough. It's a 49cc motor. I saw a couple sites that sell the same bike with a 49cc motor, and they advertise that it rides 32 MPH. So I might give it a try.

    As for myself, I am a skilled custom painter, and metal fabricator. I have been building show winning lowrider bicycles since I was 14 years of age, and I converted my first lowrider bicycle when I was in 5th grade. One of my bikes can be seen in a feature in the Lowrider Bicycle Magazine. But I have never tried putting a motor on a bike, so this can turn out to be a frustrating project. Any advice on going about this would be highly appreciated. Thanks,

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    G'day man & welcome to MBc.
    The BEST advice anyone can give u right now is to READ as much as possible.When your ready to go ahead with your build start a thread so members can see your progress & comment & are invaluable........good luck.
  3. It's actually easier putting that engine in one of your low riders. How cool would that be?
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    Welcome to MBc. :cool:
    Lots of great Stringray builds in the Picture gallery.
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    Hi Welcome to MBc! Home of many answers, and awaiting your ideas.

    General request to all new members.
    Please, before posting any questions, do a search. Then READ,READ,READ.
    There is a ton of information here. Many of your engine and performance issues in the Garage & Tech/Mech Help have already been covered. Here at MBc we are the home of nearly all MoteredBike questions. If you search and are unable to find your answer, don't hesitate to post your question. Were here for each other! Enjoy! :grin:}
    Here's a great post link to get you started.
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    welcome to MBc...good luck on your project..
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    Welcome to the forum.

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    I already stripped the bike down, prepped it, painted it, and I'm putting it back together now. I think I will be ordering a engine kit for it tonight. Hopefully.
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    If that had a higher resolution, it'd definitely be my background. Beautiful even if blurry!
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    Desktop picture has now been changed...

    Now it's time to ride!!
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