New to the motorized bike world.

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    I live in Florida and just this year I saw my first gas powered bike.
    I was in awe. I fell in love with it (or the thought of it)
    I have ridden motorcycles 25+ years and currently own a goldwing.
    Being laid off and having to take a part time job coupled with a divorce that has put me in the poverty bracket and the cost of fuel I have been really considering purchasing one. i'm deciding if I should get a kit (2 or 4 stroke) or buy a used or new one.
    So that brings me here. My Goldwing is very old and I only get 140 mpg max to the tankful when I should be getting double that.

    Living here where a vehicle is mandatory I would like to have one of these that I can use to get to work and run errands within a 50 mile radius.

    I look forward to learn alot on here and i'm glad to have found this forum/community.

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  2. Hi RoadDog!
    I'm absolutely sure that you'll love riding MB's. You can learn a lot at this forum, about pretty much anything you want. Make sure to take a look at the vendor reviews before you buy a kit, you can learn a lot there. Have fun!