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Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by mabman, Mar 6, 2009.

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    I have known about Whizzers for years. Always wanted one but none presented themselves in a manner like the one recently posted for sale here by Chris in Atlanta. We made a deal and he packed it up really well and sent it to me. It has taken since Tuesday to get it back together detailing along the way but today's weather was all the inspiration I needed to put down the polishing rag and install the final parts and put in oil and gas and fire it up.

    We got out for a beat with me on the Whizzer and my buddy on the Bumvee. All I have to say is that riding with another bike of mostly equal capacity is more fun than just riding alone. Especially if you have the faster bike:whistling: There are endless roads here in MI where I am currently. Wide shouldered pave' to freshly graded dirt was covered, and at a good clip also.

    I am going to have to follow Quentins auto clutch advice right off because I want a more crisp getaway. It has plenty enough top end as it is and runs strong once it gets in to the power band and idles along at 30 with the throttle cracked just a bit.

    The bike rides like a dream. Tracks straight with nary a wiggle considering it s length and corners well at speed. But because of that length and the springer fork it soaks up all that we encountered but speedbumps with ease. The seating and bar arrangement is perfect and the pedals are well within the comfort zone also.

    That is about it for now. A picture with a crooked light as I forgot to straighten it after doing some work on the wiring to give you a better idea of what the bike looks like if you missed it before.

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    all i can say is that should be in my garage...lookin good