New to the whole motorized bike thing.

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  1. code65

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    hello, my name is Chris and im looking to get into the whole motorized bike thing. I know very little about the subject and am looking to learn a bit more.

    I am looking to use a motorized bike as a main means of transportation to and from work. Would it be suitable for that or are they mainly a "just for fun" type thing?

    I am not to familiar with engines so one question I do engine kits normally come with instructions?

  2. professor

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    Hi Chris, Welcome to Motoredbikes! Sure guys do use them to commute.
    My commute is too insane, (plus the nasty weather) so it is mostly for fun.
  3. wbuttry

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    well code if you need instructions this is the place to get them any thing you need to know is here all in one place use the search bar to find a lot of your answers it depends on what you build for the instructions there is a lot of different motor placements and types on here
  4. code65

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    This is the one i am considering purchasing.

    The thing is according to ( for pa it cant be anymore then 50 cc and go no faster than 25mph. The description of the motor says its 80/66cc and can go 25-40mph depending on the weight. That being said should I look for a different one or do you think it would be fine?

    I haven't really been able to find any other info regarding the laws in pa about it other then what the ehow site says.
  5. jaguar

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    I use mine as my only transportation. It was dangerous not keeping up with the cars on one fast road I ride on. Then after many mods I fly right along with them to their surprise. AND it still climbs hills fairly well with the stock rear sprocket on. Check out my site for tips.
  6. code65

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    Would you guys happen to know what a gas powered bike would be classified as in Pennsylvania? I found 3 different names "moped" "motorized pedalcycle" and "motor-driven cycle". All fit the description and each require different things to make legal.
  7. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    I would guess motorized pedalcycle since a moped looks more like a motorcycle and the word cycle is often used in place of motorcycle.
  8. code65

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    What does it mean if something doesn't need titled? I came across this post ( which has a pdf article and at the bottom it says motorized pedalcycles aren't titled in pa. the article was from 2004 so i searched for a new one and as of 2010 motorized pedalcycles aren't even mentioned in it. Attached is the fact sheet as of 2010.

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