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    I've been trolling for a while and have decided to join your group. You certainly seem to have a lot of information. I have a 2005 Whizzer NE5. These retro bikes are nice but they sure have a lot more problems than the vintage bikes. Back in the 50's I had an old beater bike but I don't ever remember it being as hard to start, or keep running, as these new ones. When it runs I can do about 40 but I'm now playing with jetting as its not normal to have your plug so so full of soot every time you ride the bike. If I were the manufacturer I'd be ashamed to sell this bike unless I said it were a R&D model. Most of the problems seem to be with the Carb. The model I have is a KIN FIN Model PC. I haven't seen it mentioned much in the threads but I have noticed pictures of some older bikes that had this carb on them. I've read some good advice so far so I'll probably be around for a while. I don't ride as much as I'd like as I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and its hard on the knees when you have trouble trying to get it started.

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    Howdy Slick Welcome! There's a bunch of Whizzer people here for support.
    Im dumb when it comes to medical terms. Ill have to look up Fibromyalgia and
    educate myself. Id like to see pictures of your MB if possible. Good day.