New vs old HT gas petcock

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by mountain80, Sep 9, 2008.

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    Just wondering, i saw 2 different kinds of petcocks, the new cast metal and the older style brass valve. My mtb fell over and broke the lever so I ended up using a hacksaw and cutting a slit in it and i keep a filed penny on my key ring to shut it off. I kind of liked the looks of the brass valve style, is it reliable and sturdy more so than the new style, any opinions are appreciated as Im shopping for a new one soon.


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    The brass one has never failed me after tightening it properly, I ordered it from livefastmotors. The guy on the phone is super nice, he didn't even have me do a credit card transaction, just asked that I send in a few dollars in the mail. Pretty cool. :evil:
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    That brass petcock looks better quality than the cast valve I was supplied with. However, I use a Honda engine with a built in fuel valve. The petcock is now the valve for my oil drain. Since it will only be used raely with oil changes, I'll keep it.
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    There are higher quality alternatives out there without breaking the piggy bank:

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    I've seen that somewhere...let me think.... :p
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    that looks like it's made from stainless - nice

    we know that cast is not the best - break pretty easy

    brass - been around a long time - hold up well - not as strong as stainless

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