Newbe that's looking for quick advice on possible build.

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    Hi, I'm in Arizona.

    I'm trying to start a build. I am 215lbs. There are many places that I want to ride that have hills. I've been looking at several options. I have 3 bikes,
    1 full suspension (too expensive for this build),
    2 no suspension mountain bike,
    3 1958 Panther (Springer front end with no break)

    I am considering three options;
    1 Staton friction with a GX35 Honda.
    2 Staton friction with a Subaru.
    3 Staton friction with a GXH50.

    My current choice is the GXH50.
    I am worried that this combination may not be compatible.
    Will it overpower the roller?
    Can I switch to a bigger roller due to the increased torque?
    Is the GXH50 really 50cc or like most Hondas less than indicated, under the 49cc limit.
    Will dust be a major problem with this larger engine?

    Thanks for any help

  2. srdavo

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    I have no experience w/ the Honda engines.

    I do run a Subaru 35cc on a BMP friction kit, [1.125" drive roller]
    & I weigh a little more than you.
    Sometimes I wish I had the Honda 50..... hills & headwinds.

    As for overpowering the drive roller..... you have the control for that in your thumb [throttle] and you need proper tension on the roller to tire.

    Welcome aboard :D
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    Here is Staton's roller recommendation's from their site. There are a lot of factors that come into play. Tire diameter, tread choice, terrain, body weight, bike weight etc.
    I have 2 bikes set up with the Subaru 35cc. I am 220 lbs. One bike is at home which has moderate hills and use the 1" roller. Top speed of only 20mph, but scoot up the hills fine.
    The second bike is at my brother in laws (member: terrence) which is very flat. Like srdavo, I have the 1.25 roller and it pulls me along at 28mph but moderate hills are slow going with my body weight.

    I couldn't find the 50cc friction kit on the staton's site but like srdavo said your the boss with how much you squeeze the throttle at slower speeds at take off.

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    I do like the honda engines they are reliable. There a bit pricey but they work good. You can get em at I was told that they are gonna start carrying the bumblebeebolton engines to. There half the price. Just as reliable and easier to install.

    dust shouldn't be a problem for you the aircleaners (as long as you keep em clean) will take care of that.
    What size roller does the 50 come with? I would think the manufactor would have a drive wheel sized up to the engine? Graucho is on the right track..