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    Hey guy's. So,I ordered a Black Slant 80cc Engine Kit for my BMX 24in cruiser after one too many drinks (it's a common occurrence ) and guess what, it didn't fit. So i decided to get a beach cruiser and build from there. Most of this stuff is in the mail so i dont have any original pics to post yet but here's what i ordered.

    Fito single speed aluminum 26in beach cruiser

    Voodoo Exhaust. I have no idea how this will workout performance/sound wise. couldn't find much about this pipe

    double leg kickstand

    Springer front fork

    any advice or suggestions are welcomed. and thanks for having me :cheers2:

    I'm doing this backwards but just little background info. I'm a 33 YO operating engineer, i live on Long Island and work in the city on steam turbines, pumps, boilers ,that sort of thing. I have a fairly well built up off road Xterra that I'm kinda proud of and a handful of motorcycles (some running some not). I spend most of my free time either wrenching on something or just generally looking for a reason to be outdoors.

    this is the "Di1dozer" btw First and last time i post my truck , promise :jester:
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  2. El'Zilcho

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    Oh, and if only for a laugh, this is the bike i drunkenly thought could fit a motor on


    yeah not gonna happen
  3. professor

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    I would feel better if it had v brakes.
    I cringe when I think you WILL need to stop fast one day and will not be able to do it.
    I tell everybody here to have a bike with v brakes as a minimum.
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    Greetings Zilcho,

    The bike looks familiar as I used a Fito as a base - added Springer forks, but went with the traditional back stand. Good choice on the center mount stand, the back stand is a bit of a pain tho looks good. I agree with the Professor as you shouldnt rely on only the coaster to stop. i added a front side pull but will eventually go drum brake i think. Here's a shot of my build. think you can peg the similarities.

    Gobisox bike shots 003.jpg
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    Steampunk,sick! I love the tanks. The whole bike looks great.

    Is that the long or the short springer? I had a hard time finding a pic with them installed, not really sure what the difference is.
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    SunkyWorks, I thought about that but to be honest i have a lot of money in that bike it was either gonna barely fit and look sick or i wasn't gonna mess with it at all. Plus, I still need something to peddle home from parties and stuff. Ny is no motor no DWI

    Also, i already order the other bike.

    You guys recommend any fender kits?
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    Hey, professor. I see that you're in NY as well. First off, hope you're doing alright with the snow up there. You guys are getting hammered with the stuff. And how are the cops by you? I'd hate to build this thing only to have it end up a PD auction. I know there are no guarantees but what's the general attitude?
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    Hey Zilcho, It was the short springer as I recall but would prob be worth a phone call to confirm. Fito makes a steel version of that style - I'd go for that. Lots of research says the welds hold better over time with the vibration of the engine. The twin tanks carry a total of 1 gallon so lots of miles between fills. Already jonesing to ride again and it's only Nov. sigh. Workin on a sidecar. Almost done. I'll post it when complete.

  10. Gobisox

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    Should have read the whole response. The diff between the long and short is the length of the top that slides through the frame. I'm sure that's not the proper terminology but I'm guessin you can translate.:whistling:

  11. professor

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    Hi El, been real busy with the white stuff (this is a great place for all season sports- boating, skiing, snowmobiling, but I hate winter).
    On this Thanksgiving day, I puttered over onto Motoredbikes.
    I am where the snow came down the heaviest- never seen anything like it in 68 years! 3.5 feet overnight and another 2.5 Tuesday. I asked my friends to pray the rain would be minimal when it got warmer and the flooding was minimal.
    The snow evaporated at a rate of three inches per day.
    When I went to work this week, there was hardly any snow there- 4 miles away.
    Buffalo downtown and north has zilch.

    Anyway, thanks for the thought.
    Here is the thing- in the Empire (strikes back) state- anything with a motor of any kind has to be registered.

    I bought a scrap Moped that had a registration and presto- (some number stamps onto a welded little metal gusset on my bike)- and it is now a 1977 Puch.
    Actually, I did this on bike 1 and later, using the Moped wheels and front end- bike 2.

    NY has 3 classifications for mopeds- the first one (slowest @ up to 20mph) need only to be registered, the next (up to 30 mph, needs insurance. The 3rd (up to 40 mph) needs both insurance and INSPECTION.
    I had bought the mid class moped and when I went to register it (it only would go 20 mph as it was a gas/electric deal I made), I asked if she would re-classify it into the lowest rank? She said " 20 mph max?- I said yes.
    I was happy. I did get insurance for it anyway, but less hassle from NY is better.
    An inspection would have sunk my efforts, so avoiding that is important.
    With that plate on the back, and my motorcycle full face helmet, safety vest,glasses, head light/ tail light, and safe riding- I am never stopped.
    Actually had a trooper pull behind me (purposely) and followed me a bit, I think he was curious, then he went by.
    The plate is the golden goose.

    The HT kits have a provision for powering lights ( LEDs would be good), since I run HF engines, I had to drive a 24 volt scooter motor off the engine at 1/2 speed to generate power for lights. Works well.

    Forgot to add- there is no limit on engine size here- only a speed limit. I do ride around 25 to 30 and stay on the side of the road- I look behind me ANYTIME I veer left!
  12. Another NY bunch!
    I'm hunting the want adds now for mopeds! ;) I've got the same 26" beach cruiser as you boys. My first was a wrecked Schwinn, put a cheap motor and light/signal/horn kit on it. Now I have the same cruiser as you boys and have much bigger plans, Springer or rock shock fork, 12 gage spoke rims with the front drum and nexus three speed rear, proper headlights/tail brake light and turn signals all 9 volt LED, flat green with a rectangular tank, give it that 1910 motorcycle look.

    I'm posting as much info about contacting the Commissioner of the DMV as I can find. I'm not holding my breath but it can't hurt. Till then I'll have to find options.