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    hello everyone.

    this is a little intro i guess heh.

    a few months ago, i got the idea to go on a little vacation. as i cannot legally drive these days, i must look to other forms of transportation.

    in comes a motored bike :)

    this is my first idea, attempt, project....i am not an expert in any sense of the word, i've just spent a few months reading...nothing more.

    i decided to work with a schwinn point beach cruiser, purchased at my local walmart, along with a grubee gt5 66cc, purchased from i opted for the upgraded speed carb (red plastic cover) at the beginning.

    the twist however, is that i also purchased a 36v 500w front ebike kit from ebay.

    both of these kits are at current mounted to the bike. i purchased 3x12v 18AH SLA batteries from for only 20 something each. i max ~20mph on electric, and can get about 25 mile range. when i charge initially it only takes a little while to get a decent charge back.

    i'm having some trouble with my gas engine right now though, at first that was the only part working, i was waiting on delivery of the electric kit. but the 1st trip out on it, 10mi...chain broke. so after going through some replacements at walmart, i got a roller chain from tsc, #41. that worked great....until i was driving around town on my 2nd trip, this time 20mi into it, the bottom engine mount came loose pulling the engine to the left side, bending the back rim and pulling the chain off the sprocket....that day lots broke, ironically, the chain was in perfect condition haha.

    i worked with my local bike shop and he ordered me a replacement rim and fitted everything for me. the only problem is now, the back 44t sprocket doesn't mount flush on the new axle, so i've decided to order a shift kit from sbp (i know there are easier alternatives to putting it on...heh.)

    i'll be getting the shift kit this week, and mounting it so that i'll then be able to use the gas engine again.

    i'm hoping to have somewhat reliable, safe transportation for personal trips maybe 30-40 mi round trip. that shouldn't be too hard to accomplish, as my electric kit can get most of that by itself.

    i'll get pics or something if you'd like...i just felt like posting and saying hi.

    thanks to all the guys who i've read, you've helped me make the decisions i've made heh.

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    Welcome aboard :D
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    Iam confused are both engines(motors) on the same bike?

    I have went threw 3 back rims on my current build. My tensioner would twist in to spokes and lock it up. Now I mount my tensioner from the top and it works good.