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  1. jdowntec1981

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    Hello all
    Newbie Josh Here! I am 27 and live in the cold broke state of Michigan. I love creating things and am a fabricator by trade. I am currently working on Bar Stool racers with my Father. I have been into Antique Hit and Miss engines previously.

    Oddly My first motor I ever bought with my money at age of 16 was a Merkel Motor Wheel that might interest youguys!

    I have a few thoughts blowing around in my head of neat fun powered bikes, it will be fun to play!

    Good day or evening all.

  2. Mountainman

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    hi -- and welcome Josh

    those Bar Stool racers are pretty cool -- look like a lot of fun
    maybe you can post some pictures in your profile ?

    what do you have planned for a MB set up ?

    have fun as you -- ride those THINGS