No e-bike vender reviews?

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  1. I just tried to start a vender review for but I couldn't. Why are there no reviews of electric bike kits, parts, batteries, or complete e-bikes suppliers?

    I had a sticky thumb throttle on my e-bike. It would often stick very near off. I wouldn't even notice as I came to a stop, but then if I released the brakes it would growl and very slowly try to idle away from a complete stop. Anoying, but no biggie. But then on very rare occations it would stick at about half throttle. While the brakes will overcome the motor and I could still stop, the stopping distances were much longer and it could be a very dangerous situation. I quickly learned to pull my thumb off the throttle lever quickly, letting it slam shut instead of easing it off.

    Today I called and asked for help from the service dept. They offered to imediately replace the throttle, but I asked if there wasn't some other remedy, like could I safely lube it with silicone spray. The gentleman there said I could and offered some other ideas, such as checking to be sure the buffer is in place, the throttle isn't jammed against anything else, and if I had overtightened the set screw holding it to the handlebar. The buffer does have a tendency to fall and roll away under things during installation, but it was in place properly. There was also adequate space between the throttle and the brake. When I checked the throttle set screw, it was as tight as I could make it. Aha! there was the cause of the tightness. I backed it out a little, lubed it with some silicone spray and now all is copacetic.

    Since I have built 4 gas powered bikes, I tend to tighten everything super tight to prevent them coming loose with vibration, but e bikes don't vibrate much, so I will have to break this habbit.

    Kudos to for excellent customer service. I will mention to them to include a warning about overtightening the throttle setscrew during installation. It need not be any tighter than enough to hold it in place and not turn during operation. :grin5:

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    I don't believe anyone has ever suggested an e-bike vendor for the reviews.

    You can be the first :grin5:
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    Thanks for the review. I have heard on the 'sphere that ebikekit is a good vendor.
  4. My pleasure, wheelbender. I put the e-bike on the car rack and went over to Chicago for the Critical Mass ride with a Chicago friend in May. It rained all the way from Erie to Chicago and really stormed on the way back, a deluge of biblical proportions. warned in the directions that, while everything is pretty well sealed, you shouldn't expose to or ride the e bike in heavy rain. I had a cover when I left home, but half way to Chicago it was in shreds. In spite of the storms the bike is still working just fine. I'm using the front direct drive hub motor and a Ping LiFePo4, 36Volt, 20Ahr battery. I have ridden as far as 30 miles in flat country on one charge. Speed is 22mph on a full charge and doesn't fall off but slightly even when nearly discharged. Operation so far is effortless. I highly recommend the e-bikekit and the Ping battery.

    I have started a second e bike with a full suspension, aluminum framed bike to try to get the very heavy weight down and give my tail a smoother ride. So far I have a rear direct drive hub motor with 7 speed derailleur kit from installed. I'm stuck waiting to save enough for a Ping LiFePo4 48V, 15Ahr battery for it. It will be lighter and faster, but have less range than the first one. #1 is my truck/grocery getter, #2 will be my sprinter/funmobile.
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    Hello all. I have lurked at this forum for a long time but I don't post much but I have built 7 Happy Time bikes All from the 40's and 50's except one new Jamis. Now I would like to share my experience with my first electric bike..An E-Bike kit...........
    I just got my kit Saturday July2nd. I ordered it through one of their dealers (Oswald Cycle Works, Mansfield Pa.) I got the front hub,direct drive,36v with the 15ah SLA's. While I had a nice newly restored 61 Schwinn in mind and asked for a 26"x2.125 rim to fit my big fat white walls I got a 26"x1.50 rim. Well, next up was a 15yo Huffy beach cruiser style 6 speed. Nice bike, found it hanging in a garage for 14 and a half years! This poor thing hadn't been rode more than 5 miles it's whole life! It also said 2.125 on the tires but are way narrower than the others and it fit on the rim well and has given no problems yet.
    Second, the Owner's manual and Maintenance schedule are VERY poorly printed and very hard to read. The installation instructions basically say " put the wheel on" I think they could do better or at least put a how to on their website. I did look but couldn't find anything...
    Well, it wasn't very hard to figure out and had it together in about an hour. Every thing is well built and looked very nice out of the box.
    I will say' after riding a happy time, the first time out was less than amazing, but it did go well, nice and quiet, good speed in my small town, did I mention quiet!!
    I live in Saltsburg Pa and we have some good hills in town I have been up all with the gas bikes with no problem and the E-Bike can do all but two with no help. It will do the two worst ones but you have to help (a little!)
    I have put 6 to 10 miles on it every night after work and have not felt any loss in power but have done no "real" testing as far as amps and voltage......

    Now, am I happy with it? I will say yes. I think it's a very good way to get into electric bikes. Will I get another? maybe, rear hub,48v.....I don't know..I could do about 3 HT's for the same money. I am going to play with it for the rest of the summer and see just what it will do.