No license required proof of win in court

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    Draw your own conclusions

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  2. Timbone

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    Idiots like this don't need to be out driving automobiles on public streets. Keep him off the road!
  3. boyntonstu

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    The police tried and failed.

    You must follow the law.
  4. jaguar

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    Idiot my azz! the man has balls and plenty of legal evidence to back him up. (see ttps:// )
    But let's all keep in mind that these laws were written back before vehicles weighed tons and before they could travel fast enough to be lethal instruments. I think it's time for a constitutional amendment before too many nearly blind old people get this message and start driving although they can't pass the vision test which is required to get a drivers license.
  5. boyntonstu

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    Huge farm tractors; are they safe without being registered and without operators with Drivers licenses?

    How about steam rollers?

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    Boytonstu has a bug up his a** about legal nonsense, arm chair lawyer.Strange obsession.
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  7. darwin

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    I find OPs post very interesting. The USC does grant the right to travel. Not a privilege to be taken away. Why were the Washington charges dismissed? This isn't some kook but a reality.
  8. boyntonstu

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    You get it!!! Great

    One exception though: No rights are ever granted. Not by the U.S. Constitution 10 Bill of Rights, or by any law.

    Rights are PROTECTED, never given.

    Privileges are granted by licensing, and privileges are always commercial.
  9. Timbone

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    First thing I notice is the original video rant and paperwork was dated 2008. I got a feeling this didn't end so well.

    Yes, the SCOTUS recognizes the right to travel. Think about it: if you have a Constitutional Right to Free Assembly, it's gonna be hard to do that if you can't travel. hat why I always repeat: the roads belong to everyone!

    But powerful vehicles (ones that offer much more than simple and efficient transport) demand that operators require proper training and insurance in light of the physical danger that they present on the roadways.
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    I don't have the speed for watching vids and am curious, in all these law videos "boyntonstu" has posted, was there ONE motoredbike in any of them?
  11. boyntonstu

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    Huge farm tractors, and road rollers, are very powerful and they don't require licensing or insurance.

    If a non-commercial 4 wheel vehicle doesn't lawfully require registration or a licensed driver, why would anyone expect it for a 2 or 3 wheeled vehicle?
  12. Timbone

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    State laws make allowances for work and farm vehicles. You may use your road roller for street repair purposes (its intended purpose) but one may not use it to commute to work.
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    It's back to the "Road Roller" forum.Will everybody PLEASE ignore boyntonstu when it comes to this subject, PULLEEASSSEEE!!!
  14. boyntonstu

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    "but one may not use it to commute to work."

    Is this your opinion or is it written into a statute?

    How many miles are allowed for a farm vehicle?

    (I followed a very big one on a busy major road for about 5 miles.)
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    This is not a DMV or road law fourm, this is a MAB fourm, as in bike laws.I'm all for stu posting as much as he likes, as long as it has to do with the subject of the forum, MAB's.The off topic section is great for, everything else regarding traffic law, hint hint stu.
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