no top end 1999 Whizzer classic

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    I have a 1999 Whizzer Black Classic. Only has 400 miles on it. Ran great since new. Took restrictor out at about 350 miles. Ran fine. Now I get no top end all of a sudden. Bike only does like 25 miles per hour as opposed to 40. New plug. New gas. No broken or cracked lines. Cleaned every part of carb perfectly. Reassembled. Same problem. Starts easily. Tried every possible adjustment on carb. When ice cold, will reach top end for about 1/2 mile then go back to 25 mph. Even took off airfilter to make sure engine was getting enough air. Carb is tight, head it tight. I just am at a loss here. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any insight. Nick

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    Nick, the WC-1 Whizzers (1999 through 2004) have a design problem with the valve seats. They will usually start working loose at 400-600 miles, and unfortunately there is no way to repair the existing unit. Many have tried, without success. A change to the later NE5 cylinder is necessary, and the supply of those is quickly drying up.
    Here's one thread that will help explain the situation:
    If you would be interested in doing the conversion, now is the time to act while some of the cylinders might still be available. Quenton Guenther is one of the best Whizzer guys in the country, and he just happens to be a member here. You may want to contact him.
  3. Loosen your gascap. Ride it, then tell us ...Ride it without the cap. There is no stock vent. Mine did that too. Why pay more for nothing.???????????????????????????????????????????????????//
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    Hi, any chance of getting some close up shots of your 99 whizzer? I recently purchased a 99 which was sent to me in 2 boxes and I'm not sure about how things are done, especially the rear brake light control thing ah mah gig? You can email me at:
    Robert Faust
    Redwood City, CA
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    My 99 is doing the same exact thing. BUT I only have 60 miles on it.
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    Hi built to go,

    I think I may have discovered a modification to fix the WC-1 cylinders. I have modified about 30 cylinders for owners and so far the fix is working. If you want to give it a try [its your money] I can modify your parts and hopefully it will run for a long time without problems.

    Contact me via email, phone, or PM and I will supply more information about the process and cost.

    Have fun,